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Tom Doolan
December 26, 2005
A deity for good aligned orcs and half-orcs.

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The White Orc, Sunaxe, The Betrayer

(Minor Deity)

Symbol: Axe Silhouette over a Sun.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Good, strength, battles, sun, non-evil Orcs
Worshippers: Orcs and Half-Orcs
Cleric Alignments: Any Good
Domains: Good, Strength, War, Battles, Sun, White Orcs
Favored Weapon: “Sunaxe” (Great axe)

Kurbag is a minor deity who is largely unknown to the rest of the world. His worship is, at this time, relegated to those orcs and half-orcs who have become disenchanted with the way of the orc. They often seek lives among other races, or sometimes they seek to form their own clans and tribes where they can live without being molested by self-righteous knights, or being used as fodder for megalomaniac, would-be conquerors.

Kurbag, for all of his desire to lift the race of orcs above their current station, is still very much an orc himself. So, what he seeks for his followers is that they channel their natural rage and aggression into causes that will benefit others as well.

The worship of Kurbag usually takes the form of daily prayers. Short and direct, in true orc fashion. Shamans do perform rituals to Kurbag, but often are content with using his power to heal and help orcs come to a better understanding of the wider world.

Priests of Kurbag pray for their spells at dawn. Priests and followers of Kurbag strive to overcome their racial limitation of Light-Sensitivity by forcing themselves to adapt. Priests strive to be a constant reminder that there is more to the life of an orc then conquest and destruction.

History/Relationships: It is said that Kurbag was once a powerful orc warchief who, despite his many victories, had suffered many setbacks due to the "masters" he had often served. Growing tired of this never-changing cycle, Kurbag traveled to the ethereal plane and challenged several of the gods themselves, seeking some way to help orcs elevate themselves above their present station. Though he was defeated at every turn, his perseverance and conviction won him the support of Tyr, who sponsored Kurbag in his quest for deification. In areas near orc settlements, or where half-orcs are found in larger numbers, small shrines to Kurbag can often be found beside the temples of Tyr.

The Orcish pantheon universally views Kurbag as a betrayer, and will seek his destruction at every turn. It is only Kurbag's relationship with Tyr that keeps them in check.

Dogma: Prove yourself to all you meet by showing that an orc isn't always just a stupid brute, but a living being, worthy of respect and trust.

White Orc Domain

Deity: Kurbag
Granted Power: You can "enlighten" other orcs to your views with but a word. For every level of Priest you may effect up to five orcs within 50' of your position. These orcs must make a Will save (DC 10+ Your Wisdom and Charisma modifiers) to resist. Success means your words have no effect. Failure means they experience an epiphany of sorts and will immediately become friendly, and have their alignment shift to match yours. The effect lasts 1 hour/level, but there is a 10% chance for each affected orc that it will be permanent.

  1. Enlarge Person: Humanoid creature doubles in size
  2. Bull's Strength: Subject gains +4 to Str for 1 min / level.
  3. Charm: Subject is charmed and becomes friendly for 1 hour/level.
  4. Magic Weapon, Greater: +1/four levels (max +5).
  5. Stoneskin: Ignore 10 points of damage per attack.
  6. Righteous Might: Your size increases, and you gain combat bonuses.
  7. Conviction: Kills, paralyzes, weakens, or dazes evil subjects.
  8. Cloak of Light: +4 AC, +4 resistance, and SR 25 against evil spells.
  9. Sunburst: Kills one evil creature per level.
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