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Welcome to the Orcs of Kor homepage, known by Kor's orcs as the Majuk Skrullz.

The Orcs of Kor are an Ultima Online, Pacific Shard, roleplaying clan, modeled after the ShadowClan Orc Clan on Catskills. There has been a lot of thought put into their clan, and we have borrowed a lot of ideas from them.

The Orcs of Kor differs from the ShadowClan, in that there are little to no politics involved - We are Orcs after all!! There are also be many organized acitives and events for the Orcs, rather than just wandering around the Fort. There are also many secrets about the clan's origins, and slowly through time this will be unravelled, along with other mysteries.

The mighty orc, Kor founded the Clan and declared himself King. Henceforce, the orcs who join the Clan are known as the ORCS OF KOR.


Creation of the Clan

The Clan was created solely for those who wish to have fun role-playing an orc. The Orcs of Kor are a Clan - Not a Guild. The difference, is that you create a character from scratch, solely for playing within the Clan. You do not wander around the world on your own, looking for things to do. You are a member of the Clan -- you eat with the Clan -- you drink with the Clan -- you kill humies with the Clan. You live at the Yew Orc Fort (Felucca). All activities you do, are with other members of the Clan. You hate Humies! You despise Elvzies. You would never been seen adventuring with them.


Role Playing an Orc

All Clan members act and talk as an orc - AT ALL TIMES. Clan members are to famliarize themselves with the Orc Language, as it is the language they should be talking in. If you need to discuss something with another member that is not game related, use ICQ, IRC, E-Mail or the telephone. Anyone who is not able to maintain a constant role-playing demeanor will be booted from the Clan, and will be removed from the Clan Stone. The outcast will be given the same respect that we show to Humies - little to none.





Over a thousand years ago, Da'Nogra, spiritual guardian of Battle, Hunting, Destruction, and Death created Orcs. We were his last creation -- his ultimate creation. We were set forth to poplulate the land and rule with our superior strength.

Our Orcish ancestors settled in the Lost Lands. Little is known of our ancestors, or of their demise. To the Clan's knowledge, King Kor has done much research on our background, but has come up with very little. Kor has told the Clan, that though his research he has uncovered some information on their ancestors. He told the Clan that he wishes to study the information more, as an incorrect interpretation could be most grave. For now, our history remains a Secret yet left to be unveiled.

Little to nothing is known of King Kor's background or his actual age. No one has dared to ask him. Although the average Orc natural life span is 80 years, many times Kor has recounted events which he was present at, which occured over 150 years ago or more. We hope in time, Kor will reveal more about his background.

Not long ago, the god of the dark orcs, Ka'Gron caused great trouble in the lands. Finally, Da'Nogra interceded and weakended Ka'Gron and sent him back to his plane of existance. As Da'Nogra closed the portal to Ka'Gron's plane, Kor charged into it, simply shouting, "Nograaahhh!!!". Kor had decided to take advantage of Ka'Gron's weakness and attempted to kill him. Kor soon learnt, he was not capable of defeating the god. Ka'Gron found himself locked in combat with the mighty, mortal orcish king. In Ka'Gron's weakened state, he could not defeat Kor. While Kor engaged him in battle, Ka'Gron did not have an opportunity to regain his strength.

For well over one year, Kor battled the dark orc god in an plane which its inhabitants required no sustenance or sleep. Locked in eternal combat, it seemed the Orcs of Kor had lost their king forever.

After much time was spent researching a way to bring Kor back, the Orcs encountered an evil, archmage who specialized in duplicity magic. This mage constructed a spell scroll which duplicated the essence of Kor, allowing him to be in two places at once. And thusly, Kor returned to lead the clan again.






Land of Kor

Kor has declared the land immediately surrounding the Yew Orc Fort, as the Land of Kor. We make regular patrols of the Land of Kor to engage any other Urks (NPC orcs), monsters (badies) or animals (crits) in our way. Should the patrol meet a humie on Clan land, then the patrol will either kick the humies off, or collect a tribute and allow them to visit for a short time. All 'crits' in the Land of Kor are property of the Clan. Humies are not allowed to hunt on the Land of Kor, without permission. If humies are caught hunting without permission, they will be asked to give up all meat and hides they obtained. They will also ask the humie to pay a further tribute, or asked to leave. Refusal to do any of these things are grounds for clomping the humie (roleplay the clomping if the human is blue and refuses to roleplay, then ignore him). These ignorant humans are often wind up being prey of the Orc Bloodlusters.

Currently, the Clan has possession of serveral shacks around the Land of Kor territory: Clan Shak, Keng Shak and the Nekro Shak.


Ork Fort

We live at the Yew Orc Fort, which we have claimed from the urks. The fort is referred to as the Ork Fort. When the Orcs are not actively hunting or patrolling the lands, you will find them in here. The fort has greatly assisted in providing defense against attacks from orc enemies.


Urk Valley

This is the hunting grounds of our ancestors, which has been taken over by urks and humies. Many of our ancestors spirits still wander the valley. We often take large patrols into Urk Valley, to kill our less gifted brethren and to provide warnings to humies that someday we shall return to claim our ancestorial land.


Ane'chunt Cabe

This recently discovered cave was the ancient lair of our ancestors. It has since been overrun with urks. Large orc leaders called Orc Brutes are often found within, directing battle plans and an emmense ore mining operation. We also make regular raids here to keep the urk numbers down. Someday, we will reclaim these caves to honor our ancestors.


Badie Lak

This is the training ground for the more experienced Orcs. There are lots of mean, majuk using badies there. There is also an entrance into a deep cave the humies call Shame. In it, the elements of earth, air, fire and water majukly combat all who enter. That cave is the ultimate training ground for our senior ranks.


Deddie Ruunz

Within those old stone ruins, walk fearsome undead creatures called liches. We have no use for these deddies and do out best to try to keep them off our land. Humies also enjoy hunting these, and often you will find humans at the ruins. This is a good place for collecting tributes, and for clomping humies that do not pay. This is a favorite hunting ground of the Orc Bloodlusters.


Other Scenarios

We do make regular raids on the human savages to collect orc masks and bolas for the clan. They pose a great threat, and are very deadly. This is one human menace that we will ensure does not get out of control.