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Murderous Orcs


  • Armor Allowed: The orc's rank and class determine what armor they can wear. Refer to the Priviledges chart appropriate to your class. For those orcs that are allowed to hue their leather armor, they must pick a fairly dull (non-bright) color. Any deep red (blood red) color is restricted only for the use of Bloodlusters (Lusters).

  • Shields Allowed: All shields, except the following are deemed "orc shields" and may be used by orcs: Heater Shields, Metal Kite Shields, Order Shields.

  • Weapons: The orc's rank and class determine what "orc weapons" they can use. Refer to the Priviledges chart appropriate to your class. "Orc Weapons" are defined below.

  • Clothing Worn: No clothing is worn by Orcs other than the items indicated on the orc's appropriate class Priviledges chart.

  • Mounts: Orc Mounts are usually Ostards (Skri'churs -- or just, Skree). Orc mounts also include: Ridgebacks and Swamp Dragons. Giant Beetles are used only while transporting (exception Makr's). Etheral versions of all these are acceptable. Refer to your appropriate class Priviledge chart to see what sort of mount you are allowed to ride.

  • Rank: Refer to the 'Ranks' page to view chain of command.
Orcish: Refers to an orc who has magical ability




All axes are orcish. It is the orcish weapon of choice. As you use your axe in melee combat, your lumberjacking also increases. Lumberjacking allows you to do Extra damage, up to 35% at GM.

Orcs consider Bardiche and Halberds to be really big axes, although in game mechanics deem them to be swords. Although it has a slow swing speed, it still can cause a great amount of damage.

  • Allowed: Hatchet, Axe, Double Axe, Executioner's Axe, Large Battle Axe, Two-Handed Axe, Bardiche.
  • Not Allowed: None


Most blunt weapons are also very orcish. Mace produce one of the orcs most favored sounds -- the breaking of bone.

  • Allowed: Club, Mace, Maul, War Hammer, War Mace, War Axe, Hammer Pick.
  • Not Allowed: None


Of the Two-Handed Piercing Weapons, spears are the orc's favorite weapons.

Despite their superior combat skills, orcs are not very agile and are unable to use the Double Bladed Sword.

Lances are the weapons of platemail clad knights.

  • Allowed: Dagger, Short Spear, Long Spear, War Fork, Pitchfork, Kryss, Pike
  • Not Allowed: Double Bladed Sword, Lance


Much like their axes, orc swords tend to be big and heavy, and/or have curved blades.

Despite their superior combat skills, orcs are not very agile and are unable to use the Crescent Blade.

  • Allowed: Knives, Scimitar, Cutlass, Katana, Bladed Staff, Scythe and Bone Harvester.
  • Not Allowed: Broadsword, Longsword, Viking Sword, Crescent Blade.


These weapons seem to be of limited uses to warriors, although mages seem to like them.

The Sceptre is just a stick or big wand to orcs. It has no clomping value at all.

  • Allowed: Quarterstaff, Gnarled Staff, Black Staff, Glacial Staff
  • Not Allowed: Shepperd's Crook, Sceptre.


Orcs aren't good at using complicated things, especially during combat, so they don't use crossbows, (Exception: A Grand Master Archer has mastered the skills to use any crossbow).
  • Allowed: Bow and Composite Bow.
  • Not Allowed: Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow. Repeating Crossbow.