In order to join the clan, you must first CREATE an Orc.

All orcs MUST be created as detailed below.

Before you create your orc, there are some things you must know. Being a member of the clan is not easy, the clan ways are very harsh and strict. All laws must be followed and we do not tolerate any kind of disobediance. Orders from higher ranked orc are to be followed, always, without any exceptions or hesitation.

You will be ordered around, you will work, you are a grunt and you will receive a lot of punishment, but it's the role you have to play. The orcs play their role, and it's always In Character, you should never take anything personal. If any orc abuses their power, or if you think there is an OOC thing behind your punishment, then it's a problem you should notify the leaders about.

If you still wish to become one of the clan, read on...


Step 1 - Class Selection



The first step is to decide what type of Orc you want to create. Refer to the Classes page to determine your orc's "Class" (Clomp'r Orc, Magukii Orc, Mak'r Orc).

Clomp'r Orcs MUST start with 50 Hiding and 1 Tracking (For newbie Orc Boots). (49 Healing is recommended)

Magukii Orcs MUSTstart with 50 Magery/Necromancy and 1 Tracking (For newbie Orc Boots). (49 Healing is recommended)

Any who wishes to become a Magukii orc must know that they will be responsible for suppling their reagents. The clan will help, but it would be usefull to have a "humie chummer" who can bring you reagents.

Click the appropriate class under the classes menu to find your starting skill



Step 2 - UO Character Creation Menu



Create an Orcish sounding name. As the roster builds, you will be able to use it to help you create a name. NPC Orcs (Urks) can give you some good ideas for orc names as well. Consult a compiled list of Orc Names - Click Here.

NOTE: You will not be added to the guild, if your name is not Orcish.

Make sure you use proper punctuation when creating your name. First letter should be capitalized. Some orc names have apostrophes. No orc names have dashes. No ALL CAPS names are permitted.

Attribute Selection is completely up to you, but a high strength is highly recommended.

Skill Selection: Select the skills as indicated above for your required class. You will be tested before you are added to the stone.



Step 3 - Character Appearance Menu



Orcs have yellowish skin and they are hairless. Choose NO HAIR for both Regular and Facial. For Skin Color, make sure you select the square outlined in red.

You will NOT be accepted if you vary from the above.

Gender: Most Orcs are male. The few females that there are, are just as tough and hardy as their male counterparts, and therefore are treated as equals.



Step 4 - Starting Location



Best to start in Skara Brae. Flee the city quickly and go to the Skara Brae Moongate. There you can leave Trammel, and exit through the Yew Felucca Moongate. Run down south to the Ork Fort.

A Mastur or higher rank will ensure that you are fully equiped with armor and weapons. Your training will begin immediately.



Step 5 - Setting Macros



Go to your options menu and create macros for the following bits of orc speech. The Rules section and the Religion section will indicate why these macros are necessary, and when they are to be used.

  • "Nograaahhh" (The Orc War Cry -- 3 a's, 3h's)
  • " 'insert your name' Gib Mal U Kor" (King's Chant)
  • " 'insert your name' Mal U Gimb Zagh U Zar Tol Mar" (Da'Nogra Prayer)
  • " 'insert name here' Thrak Got Dush U Da'Nogra" (Spoken before killing a goat).
  • "Die Urk!" (Spoken before/while attacking an Urk - not manditory).
  • "Har Har" (Orc Laughter - macro recommended but not manditory)



Step 6 - Change your Speech Color



All new Orcs start out ranked as Grunts, and must choose the appropriate speech color for Grunts.



Step 7 - Find a Sponsor



Get your but over to the Urk Fort and find a Mastur or higher rank. They will test you to ensure that you meet the requirements to be added to the Clan Stone. They will then add you to the Stone.


That's it... Have fun roleplaying an Orc!!!!!!


In response to an Orc Grunt who was getting frustrated with humies not role playing at the Urk Fort, Direbarer Tognuk (Overseer), said the following, which I think ALL orcs should ALWAYS remember, when things get a little out of hand:

"Its ok, adjusting to orc life takes a lot of character. You have no city to hide in, and you have to deal with those kinds of people. Ignoring is usually the best weapon."