To assist in roleplaying an Orc, please use as much Orc Language as possible. I have detailed some basic Orc to Humie translations below.

I will try to ensure that we have a good balance of Orc Language, without creating a whole new language. I don't want other members not knowing what another is saying, simply because he does not have a full grasp of the Orc words.

Basic Language Rules

  • Orcs know very few three sylable or larger words. Most orcs find these large words very confusing.
  • Few orc words have o's. In most cases, replace 'o' with 'u'. Names and important items have o's in them. (i.e. Gold, Fort, Da'Nogra)
  • There is no word for "I" in Orc Tongue. Instead, you just mention your name. (i.e. "I want Gold" -- in orc tounge would be -- "Kor want Gold")

As we begin to socialize and to start commonly using other words, they will also be added to this list. Feel free to improvise a little, but remember, Orc speech should not be excessively difficult for the other Clan members to readily interperet.


Yes Yub
No Nub
Good Guda
Thank you Dabu
Human Humie
Monster Badie
Animal Crit
NPC Orc Urk
Food Grub
What Wut
The Da
This Dis
That Dat
Hail, Hi, Hello Ug
Bye Glug
Order Urder
Wood Wud
Dumb Grunt Runtie
Kill, Attack Clomp
Dead Ded
Life Mal
Death Mar
Magic Majuk
Leave Leeb
Give Gib
Goat Got
Priest Goth
Water Wada
Reagents Majuk Erbs
(or just 'Erbs')
Rules Rulz
Web Page Majuk Skrulls
Lag Mud
Dwarf Dorv
Elf Elvzie
Stupid Tupid
Orc Rule Maker Dur'goth
Ostard Skri'chur or Skree
Annoying Humie
(feces from pugs)
Humper of Pigs Peegruba
Undead Deddie