September 10, 2003 ... New Orc Classes  
October 2, 2003 - ORK Drinki Fest!
Kor the Orc King

On Saturday, October 18, 2003, the Orcs of Kor will be holding a great Drinki Fest!

Time: This will be a long event and will be hosted in various stages -- see below.

Place: The ORK Fort and Clan Shak (Felucca Yew Orc Fort).

This will be a very fun event, open to all orcs, allies, chummers and guests. (Who's not invited? Anyone whom we as orcs would want to see dead -- Elves, followers of Lord British, and any other do-gooder's of the lands are not invited.)

The Clan Shak will be made Public one day prior to the event and a barkeep placed to ensure we have a continuous supply of food and ale.

Events Planned:

1. Magical Items by Took.

Our GM weapon and armor maker, (the Orcs of Kor), will be bringing a sack full of runic hammers and ingots to craft armor and weapons for any orc that wants some special items. Took will be around for about 30 minutes, depending on the demand for his services.

Location: Clan Shack

Probable Start Time: 6:00 pm PST

2. Sacrafice to Da'Nogra.

The Drinki Fest will officially start off with a goat sacrafice to Da'Nogra with some prayers offered by Kor. Only orcs and select chummers will be present to ensure there is no disrespect to the ceremony or anything in general done to danger Da'Nogra.

Location: Nekro Shack

Probable Start Time: 6:30 pm PST

3. Orc Cookbook Recipies

Its time to put together a cookbook of some of the best orcish recipies from across the lands. From Humie Soup to Elf Finger Cookies, we hope this book will present an orcish cook with many new and exicting ways of spicing up the orc diet. There's only so many times you can eat raw horsemeat with ground in dirt... hrmm... okay maybe not... but a little variety doesn't hurt!

All attendees are invited to bring their recipies that they think the orcs will enjoy. All recipies will be added to a cookbook that will be available in-game and on-line.

To submit a recipe just write it in a book and hand it over to the designated book collector. Please remember to but your name in the book so we can ensure you get due credit.

Three judges will be chosen from the attendees (at least one will be an orc... possibly all). The judges will pick their top three favorites and will be scored (3 points for top favorite, 2 points for second pick, and 1 point for thrid pick). The recipe that scores the highest will be the feature recipe in the book and the author will receive a 25,000 gold check.

Location: Clan Shack steps.

Probably Start Time: 7:00 pm PST

4. Knife Throwing.

A time honored tradition in our clan! Each contestant will be given a knife to throw at a dart board. The contestant with the highest score from the three darts, wins and receives a 25,000 gold check.

Location: Orc Fort

Probable Start Time: 7:30 pm PST

5. Orcish Insults!

A human will be selected from the crowd to be the volunteer insultee, and judge. Orc and human contestants will shout fort their insults to the human. The human will decide which insult offends/disturbs him the most. The winner will receive a 25,000 gold check.

"Yur mudda wuz a pugdung!"

Orc insults must be in orcish. Human insults are not required to be in orcish, but are expected to be from the perspective of an orc insulting a human.

Location: Orc Fort

Probable Start Time: 8:30 pm PST

6. Orc Champion Clomp.

Orcs will clomp for the chance at being deemed an Orc Champion. The two winners will receive items of their choice enchanted by Da'Nogra. The only rule is no pets. Each contestant will get two chances to prove themselves before being eliminated.

The two winners will receive the title Orc Champion for 1 month an will then defend the Orcs of Kor's reputation in the next event.

Location: Clan Shack Roof (Note: there will be hidden obstacles in the combat area which should prove most challenging).

Probable Start Time: 9:00 pm PST

7. Clomp the Orcs

Up to 5 two-man teams of humies will try to take on our best, our two Orc Champions. (Note: don't compete in the champion event if you won't have the time to participate in this event). Only rules that will be used are no pets and no looting. All four conestants will flag grey on a neutral bystander prior to the clomp match.

The team that defeats our Orc Champions the quickest, will each receive a check for 25,000 gold. If no one beats them, then we keep our money and our ferocious reputation. *grins*

Location: Clan Shack Roof

Probable Start Time: 10:00 pm PST

8. Drinki Until You Pass Out!

Drink until you pass out! We will adjourn to the Orc Drinki Room and drink the night away.

Location: Clan Shack Drinki Room

Probable Start Time: 11:00 pm PST


September 10, 2003 - New Orc Classes!
Kor the Orc King
The game of Ulitma Online has changed greatly since the clan first started over three years ago. Since then we have tried to keep the classes updated to reflect the changes in the game mechanics.

With the introduction of Chivalry, Necromancy and millions of unique armor and weapons it was necessary to rework the classes. I have also been contemplating on trying to keep the classes more simplified (thus easier to change as the game changes).

I have tried to give people more freedom in the path of their choice and the equipent they can use, while still trying to maintain a strong orc roleplaying identity (image). (ie: still no stink'n elven chainmail allowed!).

I will go through the clanstone soon and amend any titles that need amending. If I choose a wrong title, please let me know by posting on the "Promotions Forum" (Do not icq me it). Any orc with more than 2 years of orcishness under their belt will be titled as an "Elder Orc". If this title makes your orc sounds old... well he probably is *grins*

If you do not want the "Elder" in your title... let me know on the "Promotions Forum".



September 6, 2003 - Orcs and Pirates Clomp Elves!
Scribe of Kor
A few moons ago, a human pirate by the name of XizOr came to the Lands of Kor. He spoke to Kor and told of a great battle his pirates were involved in. They had recently fought a great battle in Serpent's Hold, the elven stronghold. The pirates had successfully caputed the town and driven the elves out.

XizOr fortold of a great battle yet to come. The elves would no doubt return to their homeland to summon aid. XizOr knew the elves would return in large numbers and so his search for assistance lead him to the Orcs of Kor. XizOr had heard of the orc's dire hatred of the elven race, and it was time to confirm that.

XizOr told Kor about his pirates and how they seek plunder on the sees. Humans and elves fall to their deaths as their pirate fleets roam the seas, sinking their ships and bombarding their towns. Kor saw a lot of similarities between his orcs and the pirates. When XizOr told Kor of needing help to kill some elves, Kor quickly agreed. Many moons had gone by since the clan had last found and killed elves... something Kor was determined to change.

Several days later, a pidgeon from the Dark Captain XizOr arrived. The elves were on their way to Serpent's Hold. Kor quickly kicked some orcs awake and journied off to Serpent's Hold. They arrived there by ship, and docked in front of the pirate's tavern where they met XizOr. There they discussed their battle plans.

When the smell of elves drifted through the air, the orcs hid while the Pirates of United Conquest held their ground in the middle of the street. The elves of Mori`Quessir Gor Hosse arrived. The pirates and the elves exchanged insults for a few moments, but alas the time for battle arrived. XizOr shouted "attack!" Out from hiding came the orcs, shouting their warcries to Da'Nogra. The elves almost seemed to stand their stunned as pirates and orcs carved into them.

The sounds of battle ended almost as quickly as they had started. Before the pirates and orcs were the corpses of three elves. The rest managed to flee -- the only thing that elves are good at.

The pirates and orcs cheered in victory as bottles of ale were passed around. It almost seemed far too easy. Little did they know, there suspicions were correct.

The elven force that was encountered was simply a scouting party. The smell of elves again permiatted the air... this time very strongly. Then its source was seen. A large elven warband from the Ancient Order of Elves burst through the city streets, with Sarlock Longbow leading the charge.

The orcs and pirates fought a bold battle. Unlike their elven counterparts they refused to run. Many elves did fall in the skirmishes, but alast... the elves managed to regain their control on Serpents hold.

The orcs and pirates were beaten back to the pirate's ships, and alas set sail away from the city. XizOr said that he refused to give on trying to hold Serpent's Hold. His pirates would return! The orcs, eager for battle with ther dire enemy also declared that they too would return to this city to spray more elven blood on the streets.

September 4, 2003 - Pugat's Encounter
Pugat slowly opened his eyes. with great effort, he slowly lifted his head to spit out the blood and dirt, through the gap in his mouth where his front teeth had been. "Bahhh" He thought to himself. He knew he should of stayed back in the grunt shak today,drinking ale and bragging of his conquests to all the runties. But no, "Keng Kor" had ordered him to patrol the border lands of Kor, especially Urk Valley and the Ane'chunt Cab.

For the past moon, orc scouts had encountered an increasing number of Elf and Urk raiding parties in all corners of the lands of Kor. The Orc Shaman had been warning Kor of strange visions they were having and that the Orcs should be alert these days. Kor was taking the Shaman's warning very seriously and all Orcs had been put on alert."Bahhh" Pugat thought to himself again. He hated Kor. Kor was always listenening to those crazy Shamans. He's been listening to them for so long that it's probably made Kor crazy too. Pugat tried to laugh but his ribs hurt.

Pugat had always been ambicious, a trait not often found in orcs. He had always viewed Kor as an ageing leader who had no vision and no understanding of the Orcs drive to conquor. As far as Pugat was concerned, the orcs were getting soft under Kor's rule.

He squinted his eyes in the darkness trying to make out the sillouettes on the far side of the cave. He could barely make them out, but he knew what they were. They were huge, the biggest Urks Pugat had ever seen, in fact, They were the biggest anything Pugat had ever seen. As his mind cleared and the pain in his ribs subsided, he remembered what had happened.

After Kor had ordered him out on scout patrole, he grabbed a few ales and headed to his favorite patrol spot, an ancient old tree on the other side of Deddie Ruunz. He finished his ale and leaned against the old tree for quick nap. "Bahhh" Pugat said out loud. "Dat Kor es un crazi Orc....Kor nub nuw nuffin...ef Pugat wus da Keng... den da orcs be puwerfull, un den de clomp alla dem tupid humies" With the thoughts of being the Keng still in his head, Pugat went to sleep. Just before dawn, Pugat was wakened by the sound of pick axes working their way into the mountain. "Wut da?" Pugat thought.

He crawled on his belly to the top of a small hill that looked out over the Ane'chunt cabe. Pugat had to rub his eyes to make sure that he was seeing what he was seeing. There, working with giant pick axes on the side of the mountain, were four of the biggest urks Pugat had ever seen. He vaugely remembered a shaman speak once of huge Urks, ancient Urks if he remembered correctly. At the time, he laughed off the shamans story as the delusions of a crazi orc whose mind was driven mad by "majuk". "Bahhh" Pugat though, he now wished he had paid more attention.

Pugat lay there watching the huge orcs for a short time when it happened. He was concentrating so hard on trying to figure out what those Urks were doing, that he failed to smell the approach of his attacker. The blow came hard, Pugat could feel blood running down the back of his neck, just before everything went dark.

Pugat could see one of the dark forms slowly rise and walk towards the spot where Pugat was laying. "Gurg gu see ef dat Orc wunt tu Blah fer Gurg" said the Urk. To Gurg's delight his companions began to laugh at his inside joke. Pugat knew what was coming, he slowly put his head down and held his breath. The cave started to spin and Pugat almost choked on the blood filling his mouth. Just as Gurg was preparing to use his left foot on Pugat's head there was a loud roar and then the faint sound of cheering deep in the cave.

As Gurg turned and ran back to his companions on the other side of the cave, he mumbled "Pffft, Hem puufda Orc...Gurg clomp dat Orc wif hes buuts Har Har". Pugat let the blood drain from his mouth and then raised his head to try a hear what was happening. The sound of Urk celebrations grew louder as they made there way closer to the entrance. Pugat could see torch light, growing brighter as the procession turned into the cave where Pugat lay.

As the Urks turned the corner he recognised them. They were the same huge Urks that he saw mining the mountain. As the lead Urk reached Gurg and his companions he held up what Pugat recognized as a "humie book" and Yelled.."Da Urks hab fund da ane'chant stury...Da Urks will hab da Ring!" Pugat layed in the same spot for what seemed like days. All this time the Urks were celebrating and drinking ale. Pugat could only catch bits and pieces of what was being said. Talk of an "Orchish Ring", of the secret land, of lost Orc power and whispers of the "Keng" who would rule all the land.

One particular thing caught Pugat's interest, the book that the huge Urk had carried in. Pugat had managed to piece together the framework of a fantastic story and It started with that book.

Pugat strained to hear....All he could make out was the raspy snoring of Urks that had consumed to many ales. Pugat crept through the sleeping Urks looking for the book. At last he spotted it sitting atop a barrel on the far side of the cave. In a matter of minutes Pugat was making his way back to the fort, book in hand. Pugat's mind did not stray far from thoughts of the ring. Only if he could find that ring.

The story that Pugat pieced together told of an anchient Orc Ring, worn by Da'Nogra himself at the time of creation. This ring was was then given to the first Orc King to prove his dominence over all the lands, so that all who saw it knew of his power. This is the part of the story Pugat could not piece together. After a time, the ring was lost to the Orcs and subsequently their authority over the lands was lost with it.

Pugat did not know how or who had lost the ring, but he knew where the ring was and this book would lead him to it. "Da ring" Pugat whispered. Pugat's eyes widened "ef Pugat hab dat ring..Pugat be da Keng uf alla da land! Har Har" Pugat stopped. "but Pugat neeb da help uf sum Orcs..Pugat nub cun get dat ring hemself" he thought and above all, Kor could not know. Pugat started walking back to the fort working on a plan.


August 31, 2003 - An Orcish Meeting
Scribe of Kor
It seemed like another typical day at the orc fort. The orc king gazed out from the roof-top of the shoddily constructed orc shack and surveyed the troops below. Grunts chopped trees and trained in combat while orc chiefs barked orders and delivered discipline to those that they deemed needed it. Kor the Orc King was about to turn back and return to his throne room when cries of alarm carried forth from the orc sentries guarding the orc fort.

Kor rushed into the for and found a wall of orc archers training their bows towards the entrance. Kor ran up to the top of the palisades from where he could see two orcish figures approaching the fort.

One was large, and wore orcish ringmail armor that glistened brightly despite the many marks and gouges that it displayed. It was evident that it was magical armor, but more importantly the one who wore it had obviously seen a lifetime's of battle, and still lived to talk about it. Although mighty in appearance, he was but an urk - a term that the greater orcs call the lesser orcs of the realm. All urks that approached the orc clan's fort were quickly slain, yet his sentries had let this one walk up to the entrance.

Then, what Kor originally mistook as the warchief's shadow, spoke. "We are here for a meeting", he spoke in an ancient orcish tongue. The language of the dark orcs. The obsidian skinned dark orc radiated magic, and stepped out from behind the warchief. He obviously had many protection spells warding him. The many totems hanging from his neck clearly identified him as a dark orc shaman.

Kor was visibly outraged, but the two orcish beings were not concerned. They entered the fort to parlay. Quickly the orc troops encircled the two orcish trespassers.

The large urk warchief announced himself as Kor'bak, and introduced the dark orc shaman as Dar'Kir. Kor advised that he had not called any meeting. The two orcish strangers dismissed Kor's words and advised they called the meeting for their own purposes. They advised the nature of their meeting did not concern Kor or his orcs.

Kor swung his mace up high and was about to shout out a warcry to attack the two, when they offered more information. They advised there were gathering a huge urk army at the fort, and then they would depart to kill humans. This brought a smile to the orc king. He had no love for urks or dark orcs, but clearly he hated the humans worse. When there was mention that there would be elves accompanying the humans, where the army was to strike, Kor was quick to offer the help of his clan. The two orcish beings seemed uncaring about Kor's assistance.

Again, alerts were shouted by the fort sentries as movement was seen with the forest's edge. A large force of urks flooded out of the forest and began to fill the orc fort. The urk army had arrived. As the warchief and shaman began to organize the urk troops and prepare them for their battle, many humans and elves began to descend upon the orc fort.

The warchief quickly commanded the urks to slay all those in the proximity of the fort. It seemed important that they wanted no one to know they had amassed a great orcish army.

Humans and elves boldly charged into the fort and met head to head with the large orcish force. It seemed as though the urk warchief had expected trouble of this nature, and he shouted a warcry towards the forest's edge. Bounding out of the forest came several orcish brutes, carving down all humans in their path.

Within the fort, and spilling out over the wall, the battle ensued. The blood of human, elf and urk was steadily flying through the air as if it was a downpour of red rain. Kor led his orcs into the fray as well and assisted the orcish army.

Many human ghosts floated through the air, and Kor was about to cry out 'victory' -- then he saw a new wave of humans ride towards the fort. The bloody massacre within the fort continued, but this time the humans gained the upper hand.

Amidst the fall of the last few urk brutes it seemed the urk warchief and dark orc shaman had vanished. Now humans and elves cheered for victory and began searching the corpses for loot when Kalis Sevren, an advisor of Lord British appeared.

Kalis had been sent to seek information on what had occurred. With a few urks still around, and the clan orcs beginning to cause some trouble for those not willing to pay them 'tribute', Kalis and the humans returned to Britain to review the matter.

With the humans and elves gone, the orcs quickly picked off a few stragglers and began to clean up the mess. Removing all the corpses from the fort indeed proved to be a huge task. The orc grunts were already battle worn and soon showed signs of exhaustion. Kor the Orc King declared that should the fort not be cleaned out by night fall, that the grunt's corpses would be joining the rest.

No sooner had the fort been cleared of the day's bloodshed, when Kalis returned - alone. Kalis spoke of authority and seemed not concerned that he was instantly surrounded by orcs. He promptly paid tribute with several bottles of bitter ale.

Kalis advised he had only come to seek information on the day's attack, on behalf of Lord British. Kor's eyes burned a deep red at the mention of that name. At first it seemed Kor was going to strike down the human for his allegiance with British, but then Kor laughed.

The stupidity of humans always made Kor laugh, but this was probably the funniest thing he had ever heard. Lord British sending a messenger to converse with Kor to obtain information - this either exemplified how stupid humankind could be, or it was a death sentence to Kalis. Perhaps he had fallen out of favor with British, and this was the King's way of eliminating him.

Kalis failed to understand the humor of the situation. Kor declared that he would gain no assistance from the orcs. Kalis thought offering them more ale would coerce them, but to no avail. Despite the great force of humans that had appeared, none had been able to converse with the orcish two and obtain their names. Lord British needed those names!

The ranger Kalis knew the orcs had no love of the dark orcs, so he tried a different tactic. He advised by providing the information Kalis required, that in turn they would be delivering a blow against the dark orcs and urks.

Kor still seemed unconvinced. Kor wanted to see the humans destroyed by the two orcish leaders. Then it occurred to Kor - the deaths of the humans would occur much quicker, if they were simply thrust into the core of the orcish horde of urks and dark orcs.

Kor relayed the names of the orcish two, to Kalis. Humans and urks were both enemies to Kor's orc clan. Regardless who would win the war, Kor and his clan would also win. The surviving force of such a war would be greatly weakened surmised Kor - and would be ripe for attack.

Kalis, having traded a few bottles of musky stale ale for vital information, believed he had done a great service for his King. Little did he know that Kor and his clan would be waiting for the moment they saw weakness - Kor had not helped him - Kor had simply set in motion a plan that would someday finally see the end to British's influence in the realms. Kor allowed Kalis to depart unharmed.

Kor grinned at his own cleverness and returned to the clan's war shack to make battle plans for the coming months.


July 31, 2003 - Expansion at the fort
Scribe of Lo'Tar
Today the construction of a new building at the fort was completed. The new shack will be used for grunts to sleep in and also as a defensive structure in times of need. Once the building was done, and the grunts had dragged the contents of the old grunt shack to the new shack, Lo'Tar enlisted the aid of Gib to help in razing the old one to the ground.


June 2, 2003 - Message from the aged
The wrinkled Gath'rok wandered over to a group of sparring grunts and mumbled. "Gath'Rok gunna blah from da cabe of Gath'rok tummurow ad eight times past da middle day. If ju nub knuw were da cabe ib ju bedda find out!" With that the old ork wandered off leaving the grunts with a confused look on their faces.


May 30, 2003 - Red Orcs
Scribe of Lo'Tar
I've been pondering about the 'red question' and this is the most fair thing I can think of to appease both points of view. Rather than outright ban red orks, or have the entire clan go red, I feel the best thing to do is to allow anyone to have a bloodluster (red ork) under the condition that they have a blue High Master ranked orc. This high master can be a Raider, Stalker, Apprentice Mage, Orcish Zealot, or Tamer. Basically someone that can contribute to a 'blue' event or activity, be it fighting in a city, rp in trammel , or whatever.

However, being a bloodluster is not a free pass to just pk whoever you want. You must still stay within the Lands of Kor or with other orcs. Equipment, although not standardized, shall not be elvish or doodish and shall be orcish. No robes or Valorite plate or anything like that. Common sense will be the ruling factor on that. In fact, ideally the bloodluster is one of those characters that you have access to when needed but not your main.

I know that it is asking a lot to take 2 out of 5 characters for ORK, especially if you have others on the shard, but if you are or want to be red this is the sacrifice you will have to make.

The intent of this is to make it so things don't have to be tailored around red or nonred activities that way everyone can participate.

As of July 1 anyone who has a red orc but doesn't meet the above listed requirements will be removed from the stone.


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