Ranks exist in Orc society to help seperate the strong from the weak. The strong assist in leading the clan and keeping a certain level of order, to the chaotic lifestyle of the clan. Orcs who show adeptness in their skills, will progress. Those Orcs who show they can use their nog'n as well, will progress even further through the ranks.

Always follow the orders of a rank higher than you. Orders given from a high ranking orc of your own class, outweigh the orders given by a rank of another class. (Except Warboss and above... they should always be listened to!)

Orc Speach color is based on the orc's rank.






  • Any rank can promote a rank two levels beneath them. (ie a Cheev can promoted a Grunt to Mastur).
  • In order to be promoted, you will need to be tested.
  • Grunts may ask for promotion when they feel they are ready. A grunt who asked for a promotion test and fails, becomes a pug for one week.
  • Any Cheev that sees a Grunt that they think is ready for the promotion test may give the test. If the grunt fails, then he stays a grunt and can not be tested for one week.
  • Any orc of Mastur rank or higher may not ask for promotion. To do so, strips one of all rank, and they become a pug until it is felt that they have learnt their lesson. They will then promoted to Grunt.
  • Any orc that qualifies for their "Orcish" title, may advise a superior orc of such. That superior will then post on the Ranks Forum and advise of same.



This is usually a disciplinary rank. Generally, Pugs are the smallest and weakest of the orcs. They obey all who issue orders to them. The will always grovel for their life. They are the lowest of the low... they are pugs!

Pugs are not addressed by name. They are simply called pugs.

Speech color: Newbie light blue




This is the introductory rank for warring orcs. Grunts basically exist to solely carry out the orders of their masters. Grunts aren't too smart, so they need their masters to do the thinking for them. A grunt's first lesson, will always be to learn how to "Krimp and Heal". These orcs seldom wander away from the orc fort. Grunts spend a long time in training, until they are ready for promotion.

Limitations: Grunts may never leave the Land of Kor without orders to do so. Grunts may never ride mounts.

Grunt Tests: For warrior grunts, they must be able to solo clomp Urk Lords and Urk Mages, without running away from them. They must also be able to cure poison. Mage grunts must show adeptness at healing orcs with spells when needed. They must also show adeptness at healing/curing themselves when under attack from another magic using being.

Speech color: Yellow




Masturs ensure that Grunts always have a chore to do, with an occasional rest break. Masturs should always be seen as role-models for the ranks below them. A Mastur must be well versed in orc clomping tactics. Rarely will you ever see one dead in the battlefield. These orcs may patrol slightly beyond the Land of Kor for short periods of time. Most of your life will be spent at either Grunt Rank or Mastur rank. Most orcs are just happy to follow orders, so they do not aspire for leadership, and seldom get a higher rank.

Limitations: Masturs may never leave the Land of Kor without orders to do so. Masturs may never ride mounts. (Exception: Tamer Orcs and Maguk Orcs can ride skri'churz)

Mastur Tests: For warrior masturs, they must be able to solo clomp an Urk Lord, and then an Urk Mage, without running away from them. If they succeed, then they must be asked to give the Orc Test on any orc.

Mage masturs must show adeptness at staying alive while using their magic smartly. They must be quick to paralyze running foes. They must show aptness in coordinating their attacks with mages and other orcs. If they have displayed these qualities, Then they must partake in a clomp match, in which the testee (and only the testee) is given a bag of 15 of each reagent to defeat an Orc Warrior (or any Mastur ranked "clomping" orc). If they succeed, then they must be asked to give the Orc Test on any orc.

Speech color: Orange

Note the change in the Brightness Setting




Cheevs exist to monitor the general acitivity of the clan. They will often lead various expeditions and missions. Any trouble makers or non-conformists will be given a quick harsh lesson by a cheev that they will never forget. Cheevs must also remain active in the clan, or risk demotion to Mastur. Cheev's are extremely proficient at their skills, and few challenge them. These orcs are allowed to briefly enter humie cities if they have a mission that takes them there.

Benefit: Cheevs and higher ranks can wear orc masks (green or brown), or Evil Orc Helms.

Limitations: Cheevs may leave the Land of Kor for short patrols / raids. Cheevs may ride skri'churs.

Cheev Tests: Cheev tests are often kept secret.

Speech color: Red




These are simply the best of the best. They are strong orcs, who are also good at using their brains. These orcs also have a similar role to Cheevs, plus they are very concerned about the clan's image. These orcs may parlay with humies to make bargains. These orcs are expected to be active in the clan, or like Cheevs, risk demotion to Mastur rank.

Limitations: Warbosses may leave the Land of Kor. Warbosses may ride approved mounts.

Warboss Tests: Warboss tests are often kept secret.

Speech color: Medium/Dark Blue




Overseers are the orcs that are "appointed" to run the clan in every aspect. Overseers typically carry the title of Clanmaster. An Overseer's word is law.

Speech color: Aqua











Do the following, preferably in order of the steps listed:

  1. Make sure his name seems orcish. If not sure, consult with someone else. If still not sure, go ahead and test If the name is not deemed "orcish" by the King, the "orc" will not be added to the clanstone.
  2. Check the skin color. Make sure it is an exact match to your own.
  3. Make sure they have no hair. Have them remove their helm if wearing one.
  4. Snoop them and, have them dispose of any non-orc items. All humie clothes should be throw on the ground. If they are wearing an orc mask or evil helm, have them surrender it to you. You will need to store this item away or give it to someone who can. If the orc is not a magic orc, then have them surrender any Spellbooks or Runebooks to you for your disposal. If an orc does not cooperate. Terminate the test and post the "failure" on the Ranks Forum. This orc will not be allowed entry into the clan, even if he returns later and passes the test. He will need to make a new orc with a new name.
  5. Ask them what the King's chant is. If there is some hesitation, or it takes awhile for them to respond... have them speak three times fast (to ensure they are not just typing it in).
  6. Ask what the war cry is, and when should it be yelled.
  7. Ask what they say prior to clomping a goat.
  8. Ask what Da'Nogra's prayer is.
  9. Ask them what they should ask for tribute. If they do not know, or are not sure, then pretend they are human and show them what to say. Should be something like: "Eh humie. Dis orc land! Gib Tribute! Shinies, Grub or Ale!"
  10. Not required, but I do like to ask them what they should do if a humie offers wine as tribute. The responses vary and can be most entertaining.
  11. Make sure they have newbie boots. Often orcs make their characters similar to ShadowClan orcs, and although everything else is correct, they have no boots. This is a judgement call for the tester. If through the testing process you do not feel the orc may not be a good candidate (attitude wise), and the orc does not have newbie boots, then reject him/her.
  12. Tell them to go to the "New Orc" Forum of the web page, and post their name, and who tested them, and indicate if they are a Grunt or Mug'war.
  13. One thing that ShadowClan does that I really like is they say the following, after telling the orc they have passed. "Une mure ting. Dis veri impurt'nt! Hab Fun!"