The Worship of Da'Nogra


The Orcs of Kor worship Da'Nogra. Da'Nogra is a mighty deity and is worshipped by Orcs, Ettins, Ogres and Trolls. Da'Nogra is a god of Battle, Hunting, Destruction, and Death. Loyal and powerful, magically gifted, followers of Da'Nogra are granted the ability to use necromantic spells.

Goats (Got) were the first species that Da'Nogra created, before creating orcs, trolls, ettins and ogres. Goats are somewhat sacred to Da'Nogra. Each goat is imbued with a small amount of magical essence (called 'the gift') from when Da'Nogra originally created them. When goats are killed this essence is released. Before any goat is attacked and killed, the Orc must shout out:
"insert name here" Thrak Got Dush U Da'Nogra
This magical phrase returns the essence to Da'Nogra. Failure to speak these words will bring certain death to the Orc from other Orcs ond possibly from Da'Nogra himself.


Zar Tol Mar

Upon death, Da'Nogra decides whether each soul is worthy of entering the Gray Plane of the Dead (Zar Tol Mar). If the soul is not worthy, then the spirit is left to wander in the world of Sosaria. Many of these rejected souls seek resurrection to again live and try again to please Da'Nogra. A worshipper's ultimate goal is to pass into the Gray Plane. Although no one knows what lies within the Gray Plane, Da'Nogra has indicated that it is a much more favorable place to exist, than on the Prime Material Plane in which we all live in.



Each time when the moons of Sosaria have both darkened, a Ceremony (called a Kon'Gar), is held and a Got Sacrafice is given to Da'Nogra. On rare occasions, Da'Nogra appears at a Kon'Gar to provide words of instruction and wisdom.

During the Kon'Gar, a Necrolyte, Shaman or Kor will take on the role of Kon'Gar Goth (Priest). The Goth will lead off with a prayer to Da'Nogra. During this prayer, no Orc may speak. Once completed, the Orcs each shout out the Da'Nogra Prayer:
"insert name here" Mal U Gimb Zagh U Zar Tol Mar
A goat is then slain with a dagger blessed by Da'Nogra.

The Goth will then recite the Da'Nogra Prayer of Sacrafice. Upon completion, the Orcs will again shout out the Da'Nogra Prayer. One minute of silence will then be observed, or until the Goth signals for it to end. Should Da'Nogra appear during this silent period, no Orc is to speak until Da'Nogra has vanished.

The Kon'Gar's significance is that it shows the Clan's continued loyalty and worship to Da'Nogra, and increases each Orc's chance of entering Zar Tol Mar.