In most cases, violation of these rules will end up with the violator getting clomped. Repeated violations will mean expulsion from the Clan.

  • Roleplay an Orc always, 100% of the time. (Always speak in orc tongue).
  • No powergaming your orc!
  • OOC (Out Of Character) comments are not allowed under any circumstances. Never ask for character information in OOC. Use IRC or ICQ for this. Do not let humies woo you into talking OOC. They will try!
  • Never use humie profanity.
  • Lower ranks cannot attack/kill a higher ranks unless a duel to the death (Deth Clomp), is declared by the higher rank.
  • Obey all orders given to you by a higher ranking orc.
  • When patrolling, never walk ahead of a higher rank, unless commanded to do otherwise.
  • NEVER leave the Land of Kor. (Unless a Cheev gives you permission)
    Violaters who leave without permission will be killed on sight!
    Violaters caught in trammel/ilshenar without permission will be killed on sight, then possibly booted from clan!
    Orcs caught "banking" without permission will be killed on sight!
  • Only a Warboss or Clanmaster can declare a humie a chummer.
  • All chummers are to be respected, and their corpses shall not be looted.
  • Only Cheevs and higher ranks are allowed into the second storey of the Urk Fort. (Unless otherwise invited).
  • Orcs love horse meat -- therefore you will never find an orc riding one.
  • Orcs HATE wine. Its an elvzie drink. Never drink it... its posion.
  • Prior to addressing King Kor, you must say the King's Chant: "'insert name here' Gib Mal U Kor"
  • No orc shall attack a blue character, unless otherwise commanded by a Cheev or higher rank.
  • NO orc may become RED, unless given permission by a Clanmaster.
  • If you are being clomped by a higher rank for breaking a rule ... never ... ever run away. Un-equip all weapons and do not fight back! Stand there and take it like an orc!
  • If a blue humie refuses to role play with us (refuses to pay tribute, and refuses to leave the Land of Kor, and refuses to go gray), then add them to your ignore list. Completely ignore them. (Note: if they are properly roleplaying their 'tough guy' image, then they should go gray, in an act of defiance against the orcs. Otherwise they are just all bark and no bite -- so ignore that pugdung. :)
  • Have Fun!


Luuting Rulz

  • Only loot/steal Grub, Ale, Gold and Gems from humies. (Bow users can take arrows/bolts, Mages can take reagents). (Unless that humie is known to dry loot orcs - then take everything).
  • Only the highest ranking orc in the immediate area loots a corpse.
  • Never loot another Orc's corpse. (except to immediatelty return items, if there are non-orcs around that might also loot the corpse.)
  • No Orc under Cheev rank is to ever carry more than 1000 gold. As soon as you have more than this, then give it all to a Cheev.


Clanstone Shak Rulz

  • Only go in the shak if there is something you need, or to log out in.
  • Never stand in the doorway, or in the center of the lobby area.
  • Red Orcs may stay in shak for "sanctuary reasons"
  • Do not reorganize the chests.
  • Only add items that we use.
  • Do not put any junk into these chests - feed it to our pet mimic, Bruptch, who is in the Ork Fort.


Clomping Rulz

  • Before attacking any goat, all Orcs must shout, "'insert name here' Thrak Got Dush U Da'Nogra!"
  • Before ANY attack, all Orcs must shout out our war cry: "Nograaahhh" (This is in addition to either of the above).
  • Attacking an Orc Tamer's pet is the same as attacking the Tamer.
  • Always attack with Krimping tactics, even if there are less than four orcs attacking. (See Krimping Rulz).
  • If the foe runs past the borders of the Land of Kor... let him go.
  • If the foe runs, and you find that most of the orcs are falling behind, then break off the chase. We fight as a team, not as individuals.


Clomping Humies

  • Do not attack any humies (blue, grey or red), until you have confirmed if they have not paid tribute.
    But if they have killed orcs before, then any tribute will not protect them there after.
  • If attacked first by a humie, then attack back (grey or red).
  • If a Clanmaster tells you to attack a humie... then attack the humie (regardless of color).


Krimping Rulz

  1. At least 4 orcs will surround the foe on all four movement directions.
  2. All orcs will enter combat mode and attack foe.
  3. Orcs will then bring up the health bars of the orcs to their left and right.
  4. As soon as the orc being attacked looses 10% - 25% health, the orcs to his left and right, you should immediately begin to start healing him.
  5. Continue clomping until the foe is dead.
  6. Ranged attacking orcs (mages and archers) will join a krimp, unless there are 4 or more orcs.
  7. If a mage has paralized a target, do not attack that target until there is a full krimp around it


Rules for Humies on our Lands

Violators will be Clomped!

  • Humies, if you wish to enter Clan lands, then you must pay a tribute to an Orc. This only means that you may stay a short (10 minutes max) while on your current visit.
  • Known clan enemies will not be left alone even after giving a tribute.
  • Minimum acceptable tribute: 20 gold, or 5 food, or 5 ale, or 1 gem.
  • Always do what any Orc tells you. (Orcs are not to abuse this priveledge).
  • NEVER loot ANY player corpses (other than your own), on Clan Lands.
  • Best not to bring a horse into our lands... it might get eaten. (mmmm.... horse meat).
  • Never try to Spar with an Orc. (unless that orc gives you permission)
  • Do not cast ANY majuk on our lands. (healing spells acceptable)
  • Do not hunt on our lands without permission. (Animals, Monsters or Reds).
  • Do not enter the Urk Fort unless you have permission.
  • Do not enter any orc house. You will be killed without given a warning!
  • When an orc tells you to 'leeb' the Fort, or our land... then Leave!
  • If you have been of great assistance to the clan, you may eventually be named a Chummer (friend).
  • Chummers are free to cross our lands at any time, without payment of a tribute. (They must get permission to enter the Urk Fort though.)