As can be ascertained after reading the Background section, and the Religion section... there are some mysteries and secrets which surround the Clan and King Kor. As parts of these secrets are unravelled, they will be logged here.



Session One: The First Meeting

Session Two: Dark Orc Deceit

Session Three Orcish Revenge


Session One: The First Meeting

One evening, some Humies visiting the Land of Kor had told Kor that there was a message posted for him on the bulliten board at the Gathered Spirits Tavern. Kor immediately gathered some of the orcs, and travelled to the Tavern.

As Kor and the orcs approached the tavern, many of its patrons, quickly fled inside. Kor approached the tavern cautiously, and then walked up to the board. Many of the orcs were very curious about the contents of the message, and huddled around. Kor, being the only orc who can read humie language, read the message out loud, while the scared humies peer out from the tavern windows.

"Kor the Orc King. I bring you a message from afar. A 'person' known as Derv'ald says he comes to bring you a message, but would tell me no more. He said that you would likely be reluctant to leave the Land of Kor, so he told me to ask you if, you miss the Underdark? He said that should be enough to ensure that you come to meet him.

Good day to you King Kor,

Corlith the Sage"

Kor clearly did not look pleased, but announced to all the orcs, that they indeed would be returning.

Meeting Day:

Kor travelled with many orcs to the Gathered Spirits Tavern for a little bit of drinking and flower eating until Derv'ald arrived. Again many scared humies fled to the interior of the tavern. After awhile, JuffaArchui, Tavern Owner krept outside, and a few humies cowered behind her. Juffa approached and seemed most friendly. (Humies like to trick you with that.) Juffa began to hand out free ale to the orcs, which was quickly accepted. While the orcs began their drinking fest, an orc in very odd colored armor approached.

Derv'ald, an orc, approached Kor. Kor just stared.

"Ug Kor", said Dervald.

"Ug. Wut yu want wit Kor?", Kor replied bluntly.

"Derv'ald was told Kor would be abrupt.", Derv'ald mused.

Kor just stood there, holding his ground and stared at Derv'ald.

"Derv'ald has kum a far distance to talk to yu, at least Kor cud uffer a drink?", Derv'ald said with a grin.

Motionless, Kor continued to stare.

"So be it Kor. Derv'ald has kum to offer Kor a chance to rejoin us.", Derv'ald said matter-of-factly.

Kor stared.

"We will soon be scouting dis land more, and clomping all the humies we see. We wish for Kor's Clan to assist us.", spoke Derv'ald.

"Kor nub care wut yu do, just stay out of Land of Kor and stay out of Urk Valley", Kor replied.

"Actually, we wud like to reclaim da land of da Ancients for ourselves."

Kor's eyes widened in anger. "Den yu will become extinct", Kor growled.

"Nub to worry, Kor, it will be quite some time before we encroach upon dat land. We must first make our presence known to da humies, and begin to spread Ka'Gron's influence.", Derv'ald said is he seemed to just shrug off the matter.

"Har, Da'Nogra will clomp Ka'Gron again!", Kor said boisterously.

"Har, Ka'Gron have plans for Da'Nogra. Ka'Gran also gib us Morganti daggers.", Derv'ald said with an evil grin.

Kor, moving for the first time, backed up a step, as the emotion of shock could be read in his face.

"Har, guda, now we got yur attention.", spoke Der'vald with a pleased look.

Kor Grunted.

"So perhaps yu will join us now, and give up on following a weak god from Da Gray."

Kor, with his composure mostly regained, remained silent and again stared at Derv'ald.

"Dat is fine, we do not require your answer now. Sit back and watch our deeds. Kor will soon know of da power dat we now wield.", said Derv'ald in a menacing tone.

Kor readied his mace, and with the look of anger again on his, it was evident that a clomping was near.

This time it was Derv'ald who backed up a step. "Kor think on it. Derv'ald will be back.", he said, has he removed his orc helm, revealing his orcish features, and his dark, almost obsidian colored skin.

"Just thought Dev'ald wuld give Kor a reminder of a tru orc luuks like!", Derv'ald laughed.

"Die Dark Orc!", Kor shouted as he charged forward, swinging his Da'Nogra enchanted mace.

With a few spoken mystical words, Derv'ald magically vanished.

"Ga... dey have majuk again!", Kor said to himself, unknowingly.

Kor seemed drained by the whole incident. Many orcs had questions of Kor. Kor simply told them not to bother him. Kor opened a pack he brought, and began to haul out many bottles of ale and liquor, as well as much food. Kor then slowly walked over to a chair, and sat down. Kor seemed in deep concentration, and rarely mover, except to empty the occasional bottle of ale.

Session Two: Dark Orc Deceit

Scene One: Attempted Assassination

Kor had finished issuing orders and clomping a few grunts for disobediance, and disembarked on a journey to the Nekro Shak. On his way to the Shak, Kor had a weird feeling that he being followed. Kor continued to walk, but used the reflection of metal rim of his shield to watch behind him.

Kor saw a figure, silently slipping from tree to tree. Kor thought to himself "time to clomp an elvzie".

Kor went around some thick bushes, and then quickly pushed his way into the middle of the shrubbery. A figure dressed in a dark green cloak, continued to trace Kor's path. As the form passed by the bush, Kor jumped out and tackled the stranger. The stranger was quick though, and managed to throw Kor off as they both tumble to the ground.

As Kor regained his footing, Kor felt a tightening of his stomache... the air around him seems putrid and still. Kor looked up at the stranger, who just pulled a knife from an ornate, magical sheath. Kor knew it was a magical sheath, because that was the kind that was used to shield a Morganti Dagger -- the only weapon Kor knew of who's presence could be sensed by the vile magic it radiates.

Kor backed away, swinging in a wide arc with his mace to keep the foe away. The figure, shook off the cloak, and revealed what Kor already knew... a Dark Orc.

The orc stood there grinning, as Kor stared at the orc, watching him, watching his movements, watching for any muscle twitch, which might give him a warning of an attack.

"Derv'ald, sends his greetings." Smirked the Dark Orc.

Kor charged the dark orc, who did not expect it. The dark orc turned to move out of the way or Kor's charge... just as Kor anticipated. Kor bashed his Da'Nogra enchanted war mace, down on the dark orc's weapon arm. The shattering of bones could be heard well, as Kor's mace forced its way into the foes' arm. Blood sprayed out from the wound, as splintered bones surfaced. In pain the dark one shouted an ear-shattering yelp. His arm hung limp, as Kor kicked the adversary to the ground.

The evil weapon fell from the dark orc's hand, now coated in blood. Kor bashed his shield across the side of the head of the dark orc. The assassin then stopped resisting. Kor removed his shield, and grabbed the dark one by the throat.

"Now den, lets talk about Derv'ald." Kor said as he glared at the pinned enemy.

"I am tougher than the rest Kor, you will nub git any info frum me... har har...", he said, as he spat a mouth full of blood and a broken tooth at Kor.

Kor simply ignored the blood which splattered in his face... a feeling that Kor rather liked. Kor tried a few times to induce pain in various parts of the vile evil orc's body, but yet still, he would not speak any further.

Kor thought that this was odd, as the Dark Orcs were very susceptible to pain. They always coughed up information under torture. This one was different though. This one was a good assassin. Kor looked over on the ground, and observed the Morganti Dagger lying in some weeds.

Kor gave the dark orc one more smack on the head, and den Kor rolled off and approached the dagger. Kor never wanted to ever have to touch one of them, but it seemed like it was Kor's only chance.

Kor grabbed the hilt of the dagger, and felt its icy cold, dark grip, almost as if grabbing death itself. Kor returned to the dark orc, who seemed to be in a daze. Kor held the Morganti weapon in front of the dark one's face. The orc squealed. With all his energy, he squirmed, and shouted. He was too weakened, and Kor was too strong.. he was going no-where.

"You may nub value yur life, but do yu value yur spirits' ", Kor said coldly.

The dark orc laid motionless, and simply asked what Kor needed to know.

"Where can Kor find Derv'ald?", asked Kor as he moved the dagger closer to the assassin's heart.

The Dark Orc told Kor of an important meeting about to take place. The meeting he told Kor was to be between Derv'ald and a human, and was to be held in the Great Horns Tavern, in Maginica.

A look of concern spread across Kor's face. Kor told the dark orc one last thing. "Pray well dark one, Da'Nogra will nub take you to da Gray Plane. For failing yur deity Ka'Gron, he will ensure dat yur spirit suffers far worse pain den wut yu have felt here today, and yet it will be for an eternity, har har."

The Dark Orc then realized his blunder. Not only did he fail his deity, but the one thing that he saw as his greatest fear, was actually his salvation. The dark one looked at Kor, and wept. "Please Kor, please... I do nub wish to suffer dat fate. I have served da Dark One in da purest sense of duty... have pity."

Kor nodded. It was what Kor wanted the pathetic foe to say. There was only one way to rid the world of such an evil weapon, and that was to use it. Kor plunged the Morganti Dagger into the chest of the dark one. A loud thunder clap was heard for many miles, with shock waves which threw Kor several feet from the body, followed by still silence. The dagger crumbled to ashes. The orc lay slain.

Tiny flecks of fine gray, twinkling, sand fell to the ground. The dark orc's spirit was indeed dead as well.

As is dark orc tradition, Kor looked around and found a small flat rock, and scratch Kor's family rune into it with a sharp knife. Kor left the body behind and untouched, with the rock placed on the dark one's chest.

Kor hurriedly continued on the journey to the Nekro Shak, to plan his encounter with Derv'ald.

Kor Smiled.


Scene Two: Meeting at the Great Horns

Kor gathered many orcs together at the Urk Fort, and told them where they would be going. When Kor mentioned that they would be travelling through a Magic Gate, many seemed most troubled by this. Kor reassured them that it was safe. To ease the burden, Kor enlisted the aid of Lich Lord Thanatos to open the magic gates. As Thanatos is know to harness his powers from the Gray Plane of the Dead, Kor believed that the orcs would be more comfortable with the gates.

Through two magic gates, the orcs streamed out into the streets of Magincia. They quickly arrived at the Tavern, and burst through the doorway.

Much to Kor's surprise, he did not see Derv'ald, but instead saw three Dark Orcs. Shouting, "Dark Orc Scum", Kor led the charge of his troops straight to the Dark Orcs. Quickly Kor's troops surrounded the dark ones.

The Dark Orcs were equally surprised as the moment, they spotted Kor's Orcs, they *gasped* in fear, knowing that their fate may be near. After regaining their composure the two Dark Orc Slayers, quickly stood in front of Deathgiver Drez'ar, as the Orcs of Kor amassed around them.

Kor's Orcs and the Dark Orcs began to shout taunts back and forth, when Kor shouted, "Kor thought he smelled sumthin' rottin' in here. Har Har."

Drez'ar, the group leader, then spoke aloud in his harsh dark orc tone, "How is it you found us traitor Kor?"

"Kor followed da stench all da way frum da Urk Fort... Har Har.", laughed Kor.

"Bluud dus nub have to be shed here today, Kor", Drez'ar said seriously.

"We will see.", Kor said matter-of-factly, "Where is Derv'ald".

"Drez'ar suspect den, dat yu were told dat Derv'ald wuz to kum here?", asked Drez'ar.

Kor simply remained silent, and stared at Drez'ar.

"Derv'ald also told us dat he would be here. Har. It seems Derv'ald wishes for us to clomp each other. Drez'ar shuld have expected dis frum dat untrustworthy toad.", Derv'ald said with great disdain.

Kor stared.

"Drez'ar suggest yu leeb now, Kor!", Drez'ar said contemptuously.

"Kor want more information on Derv'ald.", Kor said through gritted teeth.

"Kor see dat yu bear da rank of Deathgiver. Dat mean yu have much info to provide", Kor said as he grinned.

"Drez'ar is nub as weak willed as most orcs Kor, yu will nub get anything frum Drez'ar.", Drez'ar said confidently.

Then Kor shouted, "Orcs, clomp da slayers, leeb Drez'ar alone for Kor!"

Throughout this encounter, Kor's orcs were doing their best to hold back from attacking the Dark Orcs, and they needed little prompting. They quickly dove into the two dark orcs like a pack of hungry wolves on a fresh leg of lamb.

After a quick few blows, the two Dark Orc Slayers lay dead at Drez'ar's feet.

As Drez'ar looked down at his fallen men, Kor smashed his mace into Drez'ar's gut. Drez'ar lost his grip on his sword and fell back against the wall. Kor reached out with his left hand, grabbing Drez'ar around the neck, and pinned him against the wall. With his mace, he knocked off Drez'ar's helmet.

"Try yur best Kor, Drez'ar will not provide yu with any info.", Drez'ar smirked.

"Har, Har, Kor culd spend much time torturing yu, but Kor have better fate for yu.", Laughed Kor. From underneath his sash, Kor pulled an ornate dagger sheath, with a dagger within.

Drez'ar's eyes widened. Drez'ar looks paled - which is not easy for a Dark Orc.

"Har Har... Kor say dabu to Derv'ald for sending assassun to Kor.", Kor grinned.

"Kor... no...", Drez'ar stammered.

"Please... no...", Drez'ar begged.

"Drez'ar has served da cause of da Dark One well. Drez'ar has earned a place in da netherworld.", whimpered Drez'ar.

"Den da decision is yurs. Where can Kor find Derv'ald?", Kor asked.

Drez'ar looked down in shame, and then replied, "Before kuming here, he was to be at a meeting with a humie elsewhere."

"Wut sort of meetin?", Kor said as he continued to stare with great intensity.

"Just discussing general war plans.", said Drez'ar.

"Why yu be dicussing war plans wit a humie... yu are lying to Kor. Yu and yur spirit die now!", shouted Kor.

"Nooo... Kor... Please." Drez'ar continued to beg, "Swear to me. Swear yur life on yur god, Da'Nogra dat yu nub clomp me with dat Morganti Weapon."

Kor paused, and then replied, "Kor swear to Da'Nogra dat yu shalt not be slain wit dis Morganti Dagger."

"Derv'ald is meeting a humie, named Juffa at the Gathered Spirits Tavern.", Derv'ald said in shame.

Kor continued to stare.

Drez'ar told Kor, "Juffa is da leader of a secret order to kill da Orcs of Kor. Derv'ald is talking about plans to attack yur clan jointly. Dat is all Drez'ar knows."

"Yu swear to dat on Ga'Kron?", asked Kor.

"Yub.", came the quick reply from Drez'ar.

Kor smiled, as he removed the plain dagger from the magical sheath.

"Gah... dat nub a Morgati Dagger", Drez'ar said in awe.

"Har Har... dat cauz Kor already used da Dagger on da assassun. Har Har.", laughed Kor.

In great anger, Drez'ar pushed Kor back, and picked up his fallen sword. With hate in his eyes, Drez'ar attacked Kor. With no life left in his body, Drez'ar fell, as the Fang's of Kor, (Kor's bodyguards) quickly slew him.

Kor simply turned around to the orcs and shouted, "Nogrrraaa!!!", as the rest of the orcs also repeated the War Cry.

After the cheering stopped, Kor again spoke, "Now to teach dem meddling humies to mess wit us. Back to da Urk Fort Orcs. We git ready to clomp Derv'ald and Juffa, and all dose dat stand in our way. In a few minutes, da Gathered Spirits Tavern will be nub more!"

With the assistance of Lich Lord Thanatos, the orcs were gated to the Urk Fort, to make final battle preparations.


Scene Three: The Demise of the Gathered Spirits Tavern

Kor assembled the orcs in the staging area of the Urk Fort, and distributed Torches and Kindling. The troops looked hungry for the blood of their enemies, and Kor was happy to deliver.

Lich Lord Thanatos opened gates to an area north of the Tavern, and the orcs fighting their fear of magic, rushed forward into the blue magical gates.

As the last of the orcs streamed out of the gates, Kor led the charge south, to the Gathered Spirits Tavern. Immediately, the orcs lit the Tavern Yard on fire, and toppled the stone fountain. Many orcs then began throwing torches onto the roof of the tavern, setting it ablaze. Kor kicked open the Tavern doors, and shouted, Die Humies!!!"

Inside the tavern, Juffa was indeed holding a meeting, but not with any Dark Orc. She was holding a meeting with all the tavern staff. As torches were thrown through windows, in panic, the staff fled the burning building, only to find that the yard was overrun with orcs.

Their fear now turned to anger, and with the orcs blocking their only escape, so they fought. Many orcs and humans died in the melee war that followed. The humans still trying to push their way out, saw their comrades fall in front of them. They knew there was no matching the head to head fighting prowness of the orcs combat tactic, "the Krimp and Clomp". Quickly, the human mages began throwing magic attacks at the orcs. Most of the remaining orcs fell as magical bolts of energy seemed to rain down like a summer's hail storm.

Kor pursued one such wizard, who ran in fear, likely drained of his magic reserves. Kor suddenly, found himself in the middle of a group of mages. The sky lit up brightly, as many magical bolts simultaneously struck Kor, crisping him instantly, giving his dead corpse the dark obsidian color of a Dark Orc.

The war continued until the few remaining orcs either fell, or fled.

As it was not time for Kor's spirit to rejoin the Grey Plane of the Dead, Kor sought revival from Thanatos. Thanatos resurrected Kor, and assisted Kor with returning his dead troop's ghost's to the Urk Fort.

Kor sat on his throne, and pondered the evening's events, while Thanatos, was expending much of his life force, on reviving dead orcs. Kor thought to himself, that if Juffa and her crew were able to do such an effective job in combatting the orcs, then why would they purse to gather forces against Kor? If Juffa and her crew wanted to remove Kor from the Urk Fort, they probably already could have done that?

Kor also remembered meeting Juffa, during his encounter with Derv'ald one month earlier. Juffa seemed to simply treat the orcs as welcomed patrons -- no more -- no less. Although Kor has never fully trusted any human, Juffa seemed most sincere.

It was then that Kor's suspicions were fully realized. The Dark Orcs were intent to destroy all the human towns and buildings. The Dark Orcs just struck their first target... The Gathered Spirits Tavern. They had done this, by manipulating Kor, and using Kor's orcs to do the job for them. Better yet, the Dark Orcs found a way to make the humans of the land, hate the Orcs of Kor. With hatred comes wars. As the humans war with Kor, the Dark Orcs would slip in behind, virtually unnoticed, and attack the human cities.

Kor stood, picked up his throne, and smashed it on the floor. Kor's only chance at fighting the Dark Orcs, was to keep the humans away from the Urk Fort. Hastily Kor threw some of the clan's gold into a chest, and travelled to the Gathered Spirits Tavern.

On sight of the orcs returning, Juffa quickly gathered her guards together. Kor sent a grunt forward with the chest of gold, and a note within. After many spells were cast on the chest to disable any possible trap, the container was opened. Juffa shook her head in disbeleif. Kor then approached, and told her of how he had been manipulated.

Juffa accepted the gold as payement towards the repairs to the tavern, She also indicated to Kor, that she would assist in the war against the Dark Orcs.


Session Three: Orcish Revenge

Scene One - Gryk's Mission

Unknown to the clan, Kor the Orc King , Tor'ghat the Undead Necrolyte, Tognuk the Elite Fangbarer, Olog the Orc Shaman and Xnath the Warlord, met secretly. Kor asked the Elite Orc Lord Gryk to attend. Gryk was curious about the invitation, but knew better than to ask the reason for his attendance.

Gryk approached the Nekro Shak, and could hear chanting emanating from within. As Gryk approached, Xnath swung the door open, and motioned for Gryk to quickly enter. As Gryk entered, he saw that a large Da'Nogra ritual pentagram had been painted on the floor. In the middle of the pentagram, Olog seemed to be convulsing, yet moving in slow motion. Gryk looked to Kor, wondering if they should do something to end Olog's suffering.

Kor, Tor'ghat, Tognuk, and Xnath began saying an orcish chant. Olog then froze, and then turned his head and stared at Gryk, with grey eyes, lacking any pupils. Gryk had seen this look before, on the faces of those who had returned after a long stay in the Grey Plane of the Dead.

"Gryk", Kor spoke, "Da Clan needs wun ov our bravest orcs to gadder informashun on da Dark Orc lair." Kor has decided dat yu will be dat orc.

Gryk, unsure of what mission may lie ahead, simply nodded and grinned, happy he could be of service to the clan.

Kor exlplained further "Tor'ghat and Olog have researched speshal majuk dat will transfr… transror…. turn yu into a Dark Orc. Yur skin will be as black as coal, and yu will have blak hair. Dis is only an illujin, so nub let udders try to touch yer hair. "

"Our scouts have followed da urk patrol tracks into a passage dat leads into da lost lands." Kor took out a roughly sketched map on a piece of horse hide. "You must follow da urks, and find out where dey live. Da Dark Orcs are likely behind dese raids, su yu will likely find Dark Orcs dere. If possible, try to confirm where da Dark Orc Lair is tuu. When da muuns have both returned to full muuns, den return here to report on wut yu found."

Gryk simply nodded.

Olog, began shouting some mystical orcish words, and then grabbed Gryk by the shoulders. Gryk's whole body began to shudder. Gryk felt a bitter, coldness, creeping though his veins. Gryk could feel the coldness rushing into his arms, chest, abdomen and legs. Gryk felt almost paralyzed by the frigidness. Then Gryk felt the coldness rushing into his shoulders, and neck… Gryk then fell to the ground.

Scene Two - Fatal Encounter

Kor looked up, reassuringly at the night sky, the moons would be returning to full moons this night. Kor walked out to the woods, and pulled out a rune he had magically marked over one month ago. Kor rumaged around in his 'majuk erb" bag and pulled out the required reagents. As if mimicking an elven war cry, Kor spoke aloud the words, 'Kal Ort Por'.

Kor appeared next to a tunnel which led into the Lost Lands. Kor scanned the area, to ensure his passage would be free of human entanglements. Kor then entered the dark mouth of the tunnel, simply using the trace amounts of light reflecting within, to guide his way through. In some of the darker pockets, Kor was force to feel his way through the tunnel.

Kor pressed on in the darkness, occasionally stubbing his toes into ridges which jutted up from the floor. Kor could now see the entrance into the lost lands, almost appearing as a pinhole of light ahead. Kor strode forward with increased speed. As Kor reached the tunnel's end, he saw several shapes moving into the tunnel. One shouted of the shapes then shouted, "Yu dere, identify yurself!"

Kor recognized the throaty snarl of the voice to be Dark Orcish in origin. Kor knew, that he would try to run, that he would be blasted with crossbow bolts and possibly Dark Orc magic. Kor walked forward, and gripped his war mace tightly.

"Stop or Die!" Said the orcish voice of a shadow ahead!

Kor reached under his sash, and pulled out a hidden scroll.

"Identify or Die" Demanded the dark orcish form.

Kor simply replied with the words written on the scroll, "Kal Des Flam Ylem". The tunnel lit up brightly as small fiery objects rushed forth from Kor's hand to the group of nine Dark Orcs. The front five were toppled backwards as the fire missiles struck them. The four behind, were in a state of shock, and as soon as they realized what had happened, they then realized that there were being charged at by an orc running them shouting, "Nograaahhh!!!"

Kor ran over the head of one of the toppled dark orcs, making sure his foot ground the dark orc's face deep into the mud of the cave floor. Kor charged forward, with his shield leading his rush, at a dark orc who was aiming a crossbow. Kor swept the crossbow to the side with the edge of the shield as Kor's momentum carried him, and his shield squarely into the dark orc crossbow wielder. Kor launched the dark orc backwards into the cavern wall, with such force, that the sound of the dark orc's skull splitting on the rough wall, could likely have been heard at the tunnel's entrance into Sosaria.

Kor quickly turned, and realized he now had two dark orcs closing in on him. Past them, Kor saw that the other five orcs, although quite singed, were beginning to regain their footing. Kor knew he would have to dispatch these two quickly.

The dark orc to his left, simply grinned and thrust forward with his spear. Kor dodged with a shoulder tackle towards the orc on his right. Kor parried the dark orc's short sword, and pushed him backwards with his shoulder rush. Kor now blocked another spear thrust to his left with his shield, as Kor brought his mace upwards in a fast sweeping motion. Kor's mace met the underside of the dark orcs's jaw. Kor heard the crack of the jawbone, as his mace's momentum carried the head of the mace into the dark orc's mouth. The Orc King again smashed aside another spear thrust with his shield, and then pulled his mace free of the cavity it was lodged in, as the victim fell to the ground.

The dark orc thrust low with his spear, trying to stab Kor at knee height, under his shield. Kor quickly pivoted to remove his knees from harm's way, and then brought down his mace on the spear wielder's left hand. The dark orc squealed in pain has he saw several of his fingers fall from the mighty mace impact to his hand. The dark orc dropped his spear and seemed about ready to squeal for mercy. Kor could now see movement to his left flank, and he knew the five orcs which had been victims of his scroll's magic, would now be wanting to inflict the same pain to the Orc King. Kor had no time for mercy. Kor began his swing low, and as the dark orc, ex-spear wielder, feebly stuck out his good hand to block, Kor then snapped his wrist and altered the trajectory of his mace to the dark orc's head. The mace hit the dark orc on the cheekbone, turning his head in a spray of blood and bone shards. The orc toppled over sideways, and landed next to his fallen brethren. Kor quickly turned to face the new threat, but alas he was too late.

One crossbow bolt wizzed pass his head, but another bit into his shield arm. Kor was preparing to charge, when a saw a bolt of lighting leave the fingers of one of the dark orcs. The bolt arced towards Kor, lighting up the cave well, allowing Kor to see that yet another dark orc was joining the five. It was in this split second that Kor realized his error -- he forgotten about the fourth unharmed orc. The electrical surge hit Kor's ringmail vest which seemed to amplify the effect of the painful jolt, stunning Kor. Kor then felt a spear tip thrust into is leg, dropping the Orc King to the ground.

Kor looked up at the six orcs that began closing in on him.

"Ahh, Derv'ald will be proud of Dur'reg." Dur'reg looked down at the orc with long dark hair, resting at his feet. "Dur'reg will go down in hiztory as da dark orc dat killed da mighty surface orc king." Dur'reg wiped some mud off his face and threw it at Kor. Dur'reg then grinned, and he withdrew a dagger from a sheath concealed under his black sash.

The dark orcs standing beside Dur'reg, all snorted in fear as they felt a tugging on their very souls. Kor could feel the pit of his stomache welling up, as the dark orc approached with the Morganti dagger.

Although in much pain, Kor held firmly onto his Mace. If his soul would be destroyed here, more dark orcs would have to die before it would happen. Dur'reg stepped forward, and then seemed to partially jolt forward and then stop. Kor felt a tingling sensation on his face, as he lay on the cavern floor. Once Kor realized that it was blood, he also realized that there was the tip of a katana, protruding from the Dur'reg's chest. The katana was withdrawn, and Dur'reg slumped to the floor coughing out blood. As Dur'reg's head hit the floor, Kor's mace hit his head, ensuring that he would not be the orc take Kor's life.

Kor looked up at the five orcs. Four of the orcs stood in shock, and were not sure who to attack. The katana weilding dark orc made the decision easy for them, as he swung his katana at the next closest dark orc, shouting. As the katana descended towards an dark orc, the wielder shouted out his clan's war cry, "Nograaahhh!!!".

The dark orc who now received a large gash on his chest, tried thrusting his short sword forward at Gryk, but Gryk deflected it to the side, and then returned with a thrust to the throat of the dark orc. The dark orc simply dropped his weapon, and grabbed for his blood splurting and gargling neck. Gryk kicked the fatally wounded dark orc to the side, and prepared to face the other three orcs. The dark orc mage again recited some mystic works, and cast forth a great ball of fire which hit Gryk in the chest, knocking him backwards onto the ground. A crossbow wielding orc, pointed his weapon at Gryk and fired. The bolt caught Gryk in the abdomen. Knowing that the wound was likely fatal, Gryk lunged forward with his katana, and drove the tip into the crossbowman's groin. The dark orc fell to his knees, as Gryk again thrust his katana forward. This time the blade pierce through the eye socket of the dark orc, striking soft matter behind it.

A war hammer wielding dark orc swung his hammer at Gryk's imbedded katana, sending it flying through the air, and landing with great rattling. The dark orc's next swing, came at Gryk's shoulder, sending him hard into the muddy ground. The next swing was made by Kor, who jumped forward from the ground, and swung his mace at the knee of the dark orc, folding the leg backwards. The war hammer wielder joined the masses of bodies on the ground. Kor slammed the spiked, butt end of his mace onto the back of the head of the dark orc, ensuring that he would not be getting up anytime soon.

Kor then heard some mystic words being muttered. Kor quickly rolled to the side, into a lump of dead orc bodies but he was not quick enough. The fire ball hit him, in his already scorched chest, and burned with great pain. As the Orc King placed his hands onto the ground to push himself away from the mess of bodies, he felt something cold, almost biting his hand.

The dark orc mage began chanting again, and with great pain Kor stood up and brandished the item he retrieved from the ground. The lone dark orc defiler became quiet, very quiet. "Kor guesses dat yu are thinking how fast Kor can throw dis.", Kor spoke aloud.

While staring at the eyes of the Dark Orc, Kor slowly rose to his feet, trying to keep most of his balance on his good leg. Kor started rummaging around in his reagent bag, feeling immense pain from his upper arm where the crossbow bolt was protruding from.

"If yu moob or if yu start tu say anything, den yu will chuuz deth by Morganti blade. Kor is now going to cast sum majuk dat is going to kill yu, but at least yu will nub luuz yur soul." For the first time since encountering the dark orc patrol, Kor grinned.

The dark orc looked at Kor, as if looking for compassion. "Be glad dat Kor has given yu a choice for yur departure frum dis wurld, as yu had nub given Kor da same respect!", Kor shouted.

With a combination of spells that has killed many elvzies, Kor quickly defeated the foe. Quickly, Kor rushed over to the fallen Gryk. Kor began mending Gryk's wounds, and then observed Gryk's appearance to change back to his normal orcish self. Kor knew that Gryk's life force was extremely weak, and there was little chance that he would survive.

After mending Gryk's and his own wounds, Kor retrieved the ornate dagger sheath from the dark orc that tried to claim his soul. Kor then piled the unconscious and dead orcs into a row on the cavern floor. Kor constructed a stretcher from dark orc spears, and placed Gryk upon it. Kor then looked down at the row of dark orcs and placed a wad of healing cloth into his mouth. He bit down, as he painfully withdrew the bolt from his arm. He threw the arrow onto the pile of dark orcs, and mended his arm. The Orc King stepped back from the pile and spoke his last words for the encounter, "In Flam Grav".

As the great wall of fire arose, Kor grabbed the makeshift stretcher and began limping his way back to Sosaria.

Scene Three - The March (A Couple Weeks Later)

Kor gathered all the orcs at the Urk Fort, and told them to be ready for battle. Kor announced that he now had secured a map showing the location of the enemy urk fort. Kor also explained that the dark orcs were indeed behind the urk raids which continually streamed down to the Urk Fort.

The orcs all looked excited. Battlerager Varg'Da began running around the Urk Fort, shouting the orcish war cry while frothing at the mouth. Any orc that stood in Varg'Da's way, was quickly knocked off their feet. After a last few minutes battle preparations, Kor led the orcs out of the fort.

They headed north towards Yew. Kor turned back, and saw that every orc behind him was grinning madly. This made Kor grin. About halfway to Yew, Kor ordered the troops to stop. The Orc King told his orcs to take a break, as he would return soon.

Kor walked off into a heavily treed area of the forest. Kor then made one final check behind him to ensure that he had not been followed. The Orc King then approached a large bush, and jumped into the middle, where there was small clearing, just big enough for one person to stand. Instantly, the bush grew more dense, and each branch spouted great thorns. Kor simply smiled, and spoke aloud, "Dis is Kor, and Kor has kum to claim dat which is Kor's". A magical portal opened at the bottom of Kor's feet, which seemingly sucked him into the ground.

Kor was transported to another magical portal which was within a secret druid enclave. The Grand Druid Feffer approached Kor, "Good to see you again, wise orc.", Feffer said with a smile.

Kor replied, "Guda… were yu able tu help him?"

"Gryk Gib Mal U Kor!", shouted an orcish voice from behind a bush, as Gryk then walked out from behind it.

Kor smiled, and patted Feffer on the shoulder, "Guda druid.". Kor then approached Gryk, and congratulated him on a successful mission.

"Dabu Keeng. Did yu git both maps dat Gryk had?" , asked Gryk.

"Yub." Today we are using da map to da urk fort. In several more months, we will use da map tu da Dark Orc Lair.

"Har Har. When shall we gadder da troops?", smiled Gryk.

"Har. Dem is already gaddered. Yu da last." Kor said with great excitement.

Kor thanked the Grand Druid again, and the two left the hidden enclave and rejoined the orcs. The orcs were completely surprised to see that Gryk had again returned, for they all thought he had traveled to the Grey Plane of the Dead.

The Orcs of Kor marched forward, while Gryk told of his adventures in the Lost Lands. The Clan marched through the Yew territory, pushing humies out of the way. A few wandering healers refused to move aside, and they were quickly clomped. The orcs approached Yew Prison, and made their way to a secret entrance to the Lost Lands.

Scene Four - An Orcish Assault

The orcs marched their way to the enemy urk fort. It was thriving with the ugly beasts, and they were very surprised to see the Orcs of Kor in their lands. Kor led a charge forward into the fort. A great battle ensued.

Urk after urk kept trying to repel the orcish assault. Over two hundered urks were slain, and then Kor advanced towards the urk fort tower. Within, he saw a huge urk. Just as Kor was about to charge the great urk, when it shouted, "Stop!"

Kor grinned and was about to charge again, when he heard another orcish voice from behind the urk guardian, "Kor, yu best du as Grog sez!". Out from behind the massive urk, stepped a dark orc.

Kor growled, "Kor shuld have known yu wuld be behind dis Derv'ald!".

"Har har", laughed Dervald. "Dese urks thrive for da battle, Derv'ald merely showed dem a guda place tu clomp."

Kor smirked, "Yur urks have been defeated… yur turn now!"

Derv'ald said matter-of-factly, "Kor, yu are always full of threats, but alas, yu will nub survive dis time."

Grog, flexed his muscles, and readied his Great Battle Axe. Urks from outside, began to flood into the urk fort. Quickly, many of Orcs of Kor, began engaging and defeating the urks, but alas, Kor's forces had been split up.

Kor now grinned his famous toothy grin, "Not only will Kor kill yu, but yu shall exist no longer in dis plane, or any other!" Kor withdrew a dagger, which was sheathed in a magical sheath on his belt. Every urk, orc and humie in the vicinity could feel a dark cold magical energy tugging at their very souls.

Derv'ald's eyes widened as he shouted, "arrr.. nub a Morganti blade!!"

Kor then charged forward, ducking a might swing of Grog's axe. Der'vald dove inside the tower, and quickly read the magical etchings on a scroll, "Kal Ort Por."

At first, Kor was paralyzed in anger, then he turned his attention to the nearest threat, Grog. As Kor pivoted, he saw that his orcs had already Krimped the massive urk. Grog got pushed back into a corner of the Urk Fort, and this only made him fight harder.

The massive orc, made the mistake of attacking our mightiest warrior, Xnath the Warlord Overseer. All of the surrounding orcs did their best to keep Xnath healed. Despite many close calls, the runti's managed to keep Xnath alive. The battle when on for almost ten minutes, with the orcs continually attacking the might Grog. No orc had ever encountered an urk this strong. Even many of Xnath's mightiest blows, barely seemed to scratch the great urk.

Relentlessly, the bug dumb creature continued to try to defeat Xnath. Finally, when the creature was limping and on its last breath, it decided to attack the grunts healing Xnath. Two grunts died in that short time. The clan was thankful that Grog did target our mightiest orc first.

Grog was wearing magic armor, blessed by the Dark Orc deity, Ka'Gron. This armor made a nice trophy for the defeat of the great beast.

A few stray urks were quickly dispatched, and the Orcs of Kor then left the blood filled urk fort. It was a great victory for the Orcs of Kor! After a long march, the orcs returned to the Land of Kor, where kegs of ale were waiting for them. A great orcish celebration ensued!