Orc Anthologies Listed below is a collection of works from various authors, detailing orcs according to their own literary interperetations.
         Origins of Orcs A good thorough review of Tolkien's written material on orcs and their origins.
         All About Orcs Good generic background and general information on orcs according to the author.
         Orkish Culture An interesting overview of general orc culture based on Tolkien's orcs.
         Orc Traits The author has detailed traits of the orc race as known to the game Dragon Storm. A good overview of orcs in that game world.
         Darkfall - The Ork A good overview of orcs(orks) in the online roleplaying game, Darkfall. (Currently in development by Razorwaz AS). General orc(ork) traits, settlements, religion and society are well elaborated on.
         The Image of the Enemy A comprehensive essay examining Tolkien's orcs.