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February 2, 2002
An interesting overview of general orc culture based on Tolkien's orcs.



What (Tolkien's) Orcs Looked Like

  • canine teeth
  • snout instead of nose. ( a bit pig like ; not exaggerating large )
  • stooped posture.
  • some races are 150 cm like the Ancient humans , but their stooped posture makes them 1/15 smaller. ( generally 215 cm ( greatest race ) - 115 cm (smallest race ) )
  • their skin can be dark green or black depending on the race.
  • they have a fur or a partial fur depending on the race.
  • their blood is black or very dark blue. Hybrids of human , elves or hobbits have generally lighter blood or in seldom cases dark red blood.
  • eyes have a glowing red color, which is the same color as human blood. ( some races have black eyes , with just a few bits of the glowing red.)
  • their tongue is blue or black, but never red.
  • they have nothing white in their eyes as humans have -- it's dark brown or black instead.
  • their penis is hidden like a canine one and they have a penis bone. They have no scrotum and also no testicles which can be hurt.
  • their skin is thick as half an elephants hide on some areas of their body. They get bulges or a thicker skin on the place of skin where they were wounded. The bulges don't get away like human scar tissue does.
  • they can stand much more pain as humans and can also fight on a broken or heavily injured hand or leg.
  • they can touch their knees without bowing as humans do.
  • their jaws are strong and they can byte through bones like dogs.
  • their lips have the same colour as their skin.
  • orcs look closest to humans.

Breeding Time Of Orcs

When orc-women are six months pregnant and get between two and four young . Like a bear an orc woman has four nipples. They have no breasts but something looking like sow-udders , when they are pregnant. The udders get smaller when they the orc-woman has sucked their offspring for three or five months . Then the young can drink blood and later they can eat some meat and vegetables and later they can eat bread and all what human can eat.

The orc-women take care of their offspring and give them nutrition such as cooked roots, worms, insects and other nutrition , grown-up orcs disdain . This is because they have no weapons to hunt.

The male orc leaders give the female orcs little food and when they give them food , it's more of the kind they disdain and it's nearly the same as the food they give to their slaves .


Growth of Orcs

Orcs grow very fast and reach their full size between 8-9 years . Generally one can say they grow twice as fast as humans do .

Orcs are not abusive with their offspring and spend time teaching them what they need to know. When they are old enough and have learnt enough to be good as servants, (that's around the age of four), they treat them as rough as they do full-grown orcs .

Orcs generally learn the language of the breed by their mothers and from the other orcs .


Cultural Habits of the Orcs

They usually cook their food in water or grill it on metal shields above fire, or they stick it on their spears or swords and cook it over the fire. They don't care if the meat gets sooty .

They also have the habit to make their swords, axes and knifes black by holding them over the fire, so that they get black from soot.

They have the habit to eat their enemies and if they have time to dissect the dead enemy in the battle they do that. If they have no time, they will do it later .

In times of shortage of food, they eat other orcs, also their children when necessary .

The orcs live from raids, plunderings, hunting and from the products of slaves. They make slaves of humans and other races and let them produce grain , beets fruits, bread and other necessary things e.g. swords , alcohol , etc. They generally use the grain, beets, fruits to feed pigs and more seldom cows ( the orcs prefer pork ), their slaves, female orcs and their offspring . The sweet fruits, beets, and grain are also needed for producing alcohol.

They usually use the language of the West ( adŻni ) to speak with their slaves and orcs of other breeds. Female orcs and their offspring don't speak that language. The male orcs learn adŻni , which is in most cases the language of their slaves.

If the Orcs are governed by an evil leader like Sauron , then their ruler takes care for their support with food in a more or less sufficient way .


Orc Food

Although they can eat other human food , vegetables and so on , they prefer meat, blood, liver, honey and eggs. They like a drink made of 50%+ alcohol and like it mixed with blood and liver. Whenever they can get honey they sweeten their drink with so much honey so that it tastes much too sweet for a human. To them it doesn't taste that sweet because their tongue isn't that sensible .

Orcs can drink six - eight times as much as humans can drink without endangering their health . If a human can drink a pint of wine , an orc can drink six pints or three liters . Thus they can degrade 0.6% - 0.8% per hour , where a human can just degrade 0.1% alcohol per hour .

They like to drink at least one pint of this drink a day. They also like to eat liver, eggs and eyes raw.


Religion of the Orcs

The orcs originally had no religion .

Later they were forced to worship their evil non-orc leaders by sacrifices e.g. Sauron , Morgoth , Saruman . The orc-leaders eventually adopted this "religion" and abandoned independent thought. The orcs don't believe in a life after that, but they believe that they can get immortality or an eternal life. They have no moral standards and don't know what a sin is. They believe that they can get eternal life through actions of deceit and cruelty. The reason why they normally don't eat or kill orc children is, because they need servants, which aren't as clever they way grown-up orcs and humans are.

The orcs have also some kind of priests and predictors. These are in most cases humans, who support the evil leaders, or old orcs which are educated in the Black Speech and in some wisdom of the dark might . They also make healing potions and poison, which they sell to the other orcs. They general do the sacrifices, write reports about the loyalty of the orc tribe and do the administrative work for the evil leaders. They also teach the orc leaders a bit of reading so that they can read the id-number of an orc . They can also write the id-number, administrate the id-numbers and take care that orcs who break the rules by executing them. They also write and observe the instructions given by the orc leaders.


Things the Orcs Use

  • helmets
  • armor
  • shields ( made of metal, wood, or partially of metal)
  • belts and other clothing
  • poison, healing potions
  • weapons ( see Weapons of the Orcs )
  • tanned stomaches and intestines for keeping liquids
  • bones, stones, metals for making weapons
  • kettles, pots, knives
  • boots

Weapons of the Orcs

  • knife, mace, sword, axe ( unusual ), rods and sticks, iron rods & sticks
  • spears with barbs and without, forks, pickaxe, mattocks
  • stones, stones which are bound on ropes
  • knuckledusters ( brass knuckles)
  • iron chains
  • slings (like the Ancient Jews had), consisting of a leather belt where the stone is put and which is then spun until the stone circulates in the right speed and then one part of the belt is released. (very uncommonly used because the orcs are unable to aim in any successful way -- usually striking their target is more or less coincidentally )
  • nets
  • torches, burning things, pots filled with burning pitch
They are completely unable to use bows. Orcs are in many cases better in near fight or in a fight man-to-man or orc-to-orc.

Generally their swords, axes and knives are made of iron. If there is 'not enough iron avaiable, they use other metals or use bones or horns for making their spears. If all types of metal are scare then they use maces, stone axes, stones and slings.

Orcs have to pay for their weapons or have to find it on battle-fields or steal it from others . If they can't buy/find a weapon, then they use maces or sticks and stones and cheaper weapons , such as spears and slings .

If poison is avaiable they poison their spears. (usually the priests make the poison)

Their swords have grooves, which cause deeper and more dangerous injuries .


Reproduction of Orcs

Orcs like to struggle with other creatures and so do they with the feminine part of their species. The greatest pleasure for them is to rape a feminine member of their species, causing their victim much pain, as they can feel no other pleasure by having sex. Thus the only way of reproduction for the male orcs is to rape orc-women. The ejaculate of the orcs is white.

The Orcs can mix with other species like humans, hobbits and elves.

The female orcs have no menstruation and no eggs as human woman do. The orc seed infects the skin of the uteri and like a parasite the orc-offspring grows. The genetic material of the mother is taken from their uteri-skin-cells .

This is the reason why the orcs can reproduce themselves even with other mammals like wolves, dogs and pigs, but only with the females of the species, because a mammal-like womb is needed. A female orc can't get pregnant from a beast or a human , hobbit , elf, etc.

On such a beastial breed are the riding-wolves of the orcs based. Normally orcs do not mix with beast, but sometimes some of them are forced to do that by an evil might or by some orc chiefs.

The bestial breed usually isn't able to survive, because such products like pig or dog feet with an orc body are not uncommon. There are also often such combinations of having one dog hand and one dog foot, or one orc foot and one orc hand and a dog skull . The bestial breed are many times eaten, after they are born when it wasn't born of an intended purpose.


Organization of the Orcs

The orcs are divided in breeds, different races, language groups, tribes, etc.

Generally each tribe has his own language or dialect and has one main chief, which is called the tribe leader. This chief governs the other chiefs, which command a small group from ten up to forty orcs . An orc tribe usually has 250 to 5000 male orcs. Any tribe which is smaller dies out or becomes of another tribe. Any tribe who is larger generally splits.

There are many times fierce fights break out between them for tribal leadership.


Life Span of an Orc

Male orcs generally don't get very old. Sixty percent of all males die before their 16 birthday, in wars or internal fights for leadership. Only five percent of them get older than sixty years and these are mostly priests.

Ninety percent of all female orcs get older than 150 years. They generally get fertile at eight or nine years old, and infertile by fourty-five. They feel pleasure by having sex between the age of fourty and fourty-eight, which causes homosexuality and the lust to rape between them. Occasionally, male orcs, female orcs and slaves are raped by groups of female orcs. They also like to rape dogs and canines during this age. During this age they produce a body liquid which causes pain to male orcs and other creatures who get in touch with it . However not to female orcs .

The older they get they more they get insensible for sadistic abuse . Their experience and wisdom gets more they older they get and this gives 'em prestige in the orc tribes . Although they are treated like slaves in their young times , they get respect and better food when they are old , because they are asked for advice by orc leaders . The old female orcs also keep the old tradition , lore and legends of the tribe . Nevertheless they are forced to work like slaves until they die .

Female orcs have a much more developed language based on the old orc language of the tribe, but the simpler male language is completely integrated. The female orc languages contain much more elements of the ancient orc languages . The female orc language is also more irregular and has a very large vocabulary, which the male orc languages don't have . Only if there are male orcs around, is the male orc language is used.


Slaves of the Orcs

Nearly around one third of an orc tribe are slaves and female orcs . Female orcs ensure that the slaves don't escape. As a reward the slaves must do much harder work than the female orcs.

Generally dead slaves are eaten by the orcs .

Some tribes breed humans by forcing men to rape their woman. They also keep women as their slaves logically. Some tribes produce also a large quantity of human and elven hybrids.

This practice was invented and supported by Sauron to produce better and more skilled orc tribes. Elven hybrids were the best scouts in Saurons army and were able to use bows, but were not as skillful as the Elves.

However, the likelihood that an elven-woman would give birth to orc-hybrids is very unlikely as it weakens her so much that she usually dies a third of the time.

Elven-orc-hybrids can only make other female orcs pregnant in one out of a hundred cases. Mostly they can only reproduce themselves in other female elven-orc-hybrids, human or hobbit-orc-hybrids, dwarven-orc-hybrids and in hobbit-women and dwarven-women .

Elves aren't bred by the dark might or by orc-tribes, because they get too rebellious and are more likely commit suicide. They also can seduce the orcs and female orcs so that they let them free or that they orcs become subservant to them. Also orcs have a natural fear of elves. They dislike to touch elvish things and hear elvish voices.


AdŻnic in the Orcish Tribes

Only the male orc speak adŻnic to the slaves . The female orcs teach the slaves the language of the tribe as they teach it their offspring . The reason for this is that the slaves dislike to speak in the orc language and that the orcs have the notion to adopt things than to teach their own things. When the orcs are speaking adŻnic they are never fluent, but articulate and slow, and not quite correct .

The most practice they get by speaking adŻnic is when tribes mix or when they have contact with other tribes. Maybe the use of adŻnic became common, when the different orc tribes tried to communicate with each other and used words from their slaves.

Maybe it was supported by tribes of human-orc-hybrids, which can speak some sort of perverted adŻnic (Westron) mixed with some dozen orcish and Black Speech words?

Maybe it was generally supported by human-orc-hybrids in the different breeds?


Ethnic Cleanity in Orc Tribes

All orc tribes tend to mix with other orc tribes. This is because in fights between the different orc tribes there are often a lot of renegades which get integrated into another tribe.

The inter-mixing of tribes also causes a language or dialect change .

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