During our roleplaying adventures, many orcs may have a unique story they would like to share with the rest of the clan. In this section we shall log the tales of the orcs, so that these stories can be preserved, and shared with the future generations of our clan.

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Da Cave of Da Dirt Badies   by Olog, Fang of Kor.  13AUG99

Late Night Hunting Trip   by Urgrub, Fang of Kor.  13AUG99

Qog's Tale of Taming   by Qog.  18AUG99

Eight Orcs, Some Treasure, and a Boat.   by Olog, Fang of Kor.  19AUG99

Are Dragons Scared of Orcs?   by Olog, Orc Witch Doctor.  29AUG99