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May 21, 2003 - New chat room avaiable
Scribe of Lo'Tar
There are now two rooms in IRC that are registered for ORK. You can find people in both #ork and #orcs. Since there is no 'official' clan channel and I would rather people spend time ingame, even if it means they are talking in party chat, rather than just hanging out in IRC I'm not going to declare one the 'real' orc room.


May 3, 2003 - Moonglow raid a success!
Scribe of Lo'Tar
Varug, Burz'Burguul, and Lo'Tar were sitting around the fort watching some runties gnaw on some wild wolf bones when Burz decided it was time to stir up some trouble. "Les gu raid da muun citi!" snarled Burz. Always up for a fight the three left for the local moongate.

On the way to the gate the orcs decided that since they numbered only 3 (5 by Varug's count) that this would just be a hit and run raid to cause whatever damage could be done before the main force of the Order of the True Wolf came to the cities defense.

As they stepped from the moongate the orcs saw their first target, the OTW had posted a single soldier known as MintyIce to guard the moongate. In a fury of snarling, drooling, and gnashing horror the orcs lept from the encompassing glow of the moongate and charged the scout. Burz fired an arrow which struck home in MintyIce's leg and Lo'Tar planted a battle axe squarely into the shoulder of the enemy but, despite the bleeding, MintyIce was able to ride on into the main city and raise the alarm before retreating to the Lycaeum to regroup with the main defense force.

The orcs knew it would not be long before the city streets of Moonglow were swarming with mages and plate clad warriors looking for blood so they acted quickly. First they rushed to the local mage shop and found Tristan perusing the isles, apparently oblivious to the alarm. Death came swifty to Tristan as Varug expertly used her cutlass to sever Tristan's spine while Lo'Tar dealt the death blow with his mighty battle axe.

During this time Burz'Burguul had been scouting the area and returned to report that a presence of OTW was forming at the lycaeum. The orcs quickly made a plan that consisted mainly of, "We clomp dem!" and attacked. The orcs rushed the lycaeum and then stood dumbfounded. Rather than being surrounded by OTW bent on guarding moonglow the orcs were surrounded by nothing more than piles and piles of books. Varug was about to light one of her firebombs and throw it into the books when a magical gate appeared and guardsmen from OTW started to pour out. Knowing they stood no chance of surviving inside the library the orcs ran back to the city to help split up the defenders troops. The plan worked and soon Leiwen Vyanya fell to the orcs. Now the city had rallied up a citizens defense force and the orcs knew it was time to go. With OTW nipping at their heels they made it back to the moongate and dived into it hoping the skygods would spit them out near the fort.

Stratics Board

April 27, 2003 - Skeleton raising warriors or crazed wisp talkers?
Scribe of Lo'Tar
Hot topic. How should necromancy be treated?


April 21, 2003 - New leader declared...!
Scribe of Lo'Tar
Ug. Dis Lo'Tar.

The clan has been turned over to my hands. I won't promise to be the best clanmaster ever, but I will be the best I can be. Hopefully ORK can be rebuilt to the glory it once was. This will not be a fast, nor an easy process.

The first step will be cleaning the clanstone of inactive orcs. For more information on this check the boards, which you should do at least once a week, preferable more, anyway. Click here for details on the cleaning.

Class revisions will also be coming. I plan to go to a simpler style like the clan started with. Once we get to a large population we can look into returning to the multitude of classes and titles we have now. I will also be sending things to Stratics to advertise the clan but I will need your help. You can help by running events, recruiting grunts, and even just staying around the fort on your orc. I received a message the other day from someone who wanted to join but couldn't find anyone at the fort!

Now, you are probably thinking, "All this is nothing new. So what's the NEWs?" Well, I also plan to introduce an award system. Awards will be used for rank promotions, bragging rights, and ultimately a method to keep people looking for more.


January 25, 2003 - Da Games Orc Play...!
Scribe of Kor
Kor decided it was time to test the orcs -- in the forms of several contests. First, Kor declared a "hidey game". In heats of three orcs would hide and then advance forward toward s a finish line. Knowing that Burz'Burguul would likely be hard to beat, the winner of the other games, would be paired against Burz in a final game. The winner of the previous games turned out to be Kog. In a close, nose-to-nose game, the large bulky orc lord known as Kog managed to out sneak one of our best hiders.

Having to further suffer humiliation to his title of Shadow Slinger, Burz was then to be the victim in Kor's next game. Kor gave Burz some elven clothing he had taken off a dead elf that he killed earlier in the evening. Burz was instructed to wear it. Kor then told the orc troops that they were going play "hunt da elbzie". There was only one rule to the game... the elf could only be attacked when surrounded in a full krimp. Like hunting a real elf, the battle was over only a second or two after the hunt had started. The only thing missing was hearing him squeel like an elf -- although after a well placed hit by a grunt in a "soft area" Burz's yelps to Da'Nogra did seem to come close to the high pitched squeels that elves make. *shrugs*

It was then time for a good ole game of "knives". The orcs each threw three knives at the knifeboard to see whose score would total highest. Although Gath'rok's knife which "supposedly was not blessed by Da'Nogra" nearly won him the game, he was soon displaced by Brak who outscored him with a rusty old knife he picked up from the ground.

Kor then called forth all the orcs who were seasoned Cheevs. The Cheevs were curious to see what Kor had in mind. Kor ordered for the opening of a gate into the slave pen. After the humie slaves inside were killed, Kor then announced a "Cheev Clomp". The rules were simple. No hiding. No healing other orcs. The battle that ensured was quikc, bloody and fierce. Alas, stepping out from the mounds of dead orc corpses was the sole victor, Varug da Cheev Slayer!

October 14 2002 - Tides Turn - Chaos Reigns!
Scribe of Kor

A group of elder orcs gathered to discuss their future battle plans. The persistance of the orc forces have driven all the humans away from orc lands, leaving many battle hardened warriors thirsting for blood. Chaka'thuga looked around at his fellow warriors, not knowing the response his declaration was about to bring. "Huw abut we blah wit dat Blak'thurn humie and juin heem in clomp'n da uddar humies - mani ub wij lib en Britain!"

Chaka looked around at his other elders who sat in silence, often contorting their faces as they considered this. The erie silence made Chaka feel uncomfortable. He demotion was immenent, as was a possible clomping for suggesting that they fight side by side with humans. All heads turn as Kor stood up from his throne.   "Dem humies undar Blak'thurn are trubul! Dem hab nub ani hunur! Dem clomp juzt fur da sake ub clomp'n -- all in da name ub kaos!"

"Dem wuld be guda tu clomp wit!", shouted Kor.

All of the elders were thinking the same thing. Cries to Da'Nogra burst out as the Scribe of Kor was summoned to deliver a message to Blackthorn.

Da pidgun will git tu Blak'thurn en sebun muunz. Be redi for da war!

August 26 2002 - Eve of Lies
As written by Gath'rok of ORK

A crackle of magic, shimmering, and then a door of spiraling blue. A moongate. It sprung up from seemingly nowhere and out from it strode several dark skinned beings. Their silken white hair glistened in the moonlight, as they strode forward on Ostards. They were looking for something.

A few Orcs approached the dark elves, looking to question what they were here for. "Produce the Orc, Zug'Nub", snapped a beautiful Drow maiden. The Orcs were a little taken by her demands and questioned her motives. As Burz'Burguul spoke, the other drow circled around the Orc. "Bring out Zug'Nub, now", demanding the same drow maiden.

Soon, Zug'Nub strode forward, looking puzzled about why he was needed. The Drow swarmed over him, demanding that he accompany them to their realm. Zug'Nub had little choice and a few Orcs accompanied him. The same shimmering moongate sprung into existence, as the group slowly made their way through it.

Darkness, all around. They were no doubt in one of the caves that the drow frequented. Zug'Nub was sweating and he was obviously nervous.

"We have knowledge that this Orc, Zug'Nub, has incriminated us with the capture of General Jennae Kynn, the leader of the True Wolves. We demand he turn himself over to us, for punishment" Zug'Nub gasped as he heard the Drow's accusations against him. "Zug nub did et! Zug sweers" Zug'Nub continued to proclaim his innocence until one of the drow spoke.

"You obviously are lieing through your tusks, cretok. We will divulge whether you are speaking the truth. Give him to us for torture; the only true means of divining the truth." Ilynra looked to Varug, who stood at Zug'Nubs side. "He has betrayed us, and you as well. He threatens our talks of alliance with his misdeeds." Spoke Ilynra, now turning back to Zug'Nub.

"If he does not give himself to us for torture, then he must proclaim that he indeed did it." Varug turned to Zug'Nub, whispering in his ear. "If indeed he does admit, then you may have him and deal with him as you must."

Ilynra nodded as she created a moongate for the Orcs to return to their home. As they arrived, Varug turned to a small runt and told him to fetch Gath'rok. It was nearly twenty minutes before Gath'rok arrived.

Varug explained the position Zug'Nub was in. He was being accused by the drow, and proclaimed a traitor. Gath'rok nodded slowly, saying he would divine the truth. First, he listened to Zug'Nubs story, and then brought the group of Orcs to his cave. He left the group alone in his cave, while he acquired a goat for the ritual.

Zug'Nub stepped forward, as Gath'rok chanted slowly, clearing the cave of unnatural spirits. As well as clearing his mind for the coming divination.

He then spoke the goat chant. He slew the goat, and wiped his hands in the blood. Gath'rok smeared Zug'Nub's forehead with the blood.

He then stepped back, closing his eyes, as he peared into Zug'Nubs thoughts. Inside swam a frenzy of fear and rage, both directed at his would-be accusers. Gath'rok chanted under his breath as he continued to look. Indeed, Zug'Nub had spoken the truth. Gath'rok looked up, and spoke. "Zug'Nub blah'd da truf. Bud Gath cees dat himz indeed wud blah'n tu da wulbzies, wif Ditgurat. Meybe da buurz'elbs bleme da wrung Orc. Steb furward, Ditgurat."

Ditgurat slowly stepped forward, as Gath'rok again smeared blood across his forhead. Again, Gath'rok peered into an Orcish mind, looking for answers. It did not take long before Gath'rok came to a conclusion. "Ditgurat nub blah abuwt da druw. Althu, himz blah tings dat wher cluse.."

"Be cereful wud ju blah. Ju nub wunt tu threetun en alliunce wid mispleced wurds." As Gath'rok slowly nodded. The group gathered their ostards, and headed for the Orc fort, but not before a word of advice.

Gath'rok warned them, that their words had many consequences, and Zug'Nub had learned his lesson.


August 12 2002 - ORK/OTW Battle in Moonglow
As written by DanGarion of OTW

*The air was calm as DanGarion approached Moonglow. ˙ He nodded to the guard as he entered the city and proceeded towards the OTW meeting place, but no wolves were to be found. ˙He tended to his horse which he bonded with while on his travels. ˙ As he fed DanHorse a carrot, the horses ears perked up. ˙DanGarion looked around and saw a group of Orcs kill the guard at the gate. ˙Dan quickly got on his horse and hid. ˙What had happened to Moonglow? Where were the wolves? ˙Why were the Orcs attacking home?*

*The Orcs walked over to the area DanGarion was hiding.*

"Nub wublsies er!"

"Wut? ˙Orc smell wublsie."

*DanGarion tried to stay still but his horse tried to move away. ˙

"Wut dat! ˙Wublsie!"

*The Orcs yelled their battle cry and charged DanGarion. ˙They outnumbered him greatly.*

*DanGarion ran, knowing it was the only smart option. ˙He passed a old friend and asked for them to try and locate some of his guildmates. ˙Dan then continued to run and hid. ˙Waiting for other wolves to arrive. A guildmate appeared and was was immediately sent to the afterlife. ˙Dan had no chance to save his guildmate as he swooped in and tried to attack a lone orc. ˙Another guildmate arrived and once again they were cut down in seconds. ˙Dan was able to get some retribution as the orc stood over his kill and yelled the familar Orc battle cry.*

*The additional orcs in the city came back as reinforcements and Dan knew his only chance would be to leave the city. ˙Defending the city was impossible. ˙He made a few last swipes and was able to kill two orcs as he fled the city on his way to the Guildhouse to get assistance.*

*Dan thought in his mind.  Is this what it has come to?  The orcs have taken Moonglow?...*


May 23, 2002 - The Exchange

The cool night air whispered through the streets of Moonglow. There were few around the bank, save the occasional member affiliated with Chaos or Order giving chase to one another. In fact, the night would have been eerily quiet if it weren't for the nearly 30 horses neighing and pawing restlessly nearby. Sheridan looked over the horses' backs at his General, a perplexed look on his face. "Are you certain all of this is necessary?!" he shouted over the din.

"Most sure..." Jennae Kynn confirmed. Turning to the other assembled wolves, she motioned towards the city's south gate. "Let's go!"

The wolves and their parade of horses made their way slowly towards the pulsing moongate, anxious as to what awaited them on the other side. Sheridan felt the familiar tingle of the moongate's magic as its sapphire light swallowed him and concentrated on the island city of Skara Brae. When his eyes opened, he found himself at his destination, amidst a sea of horses. Being perfectly rested, the captain shoved aside a few of the horses and made his way to the bank. Thrumming sounds behind him assured him that his guildmates were not too far behind.

General Kynn made her way towards the front of the group in preparation to meet with the orcs. Sheridan, realizing how grave the situation was, nodded to Jennae as she passed. A brief smile swept across her lips only to be eclipsed by a stern "I mean business" look Sheridan was accustomed to seeing. As the crew rounded the corner of the bank, they could already smell the distinctive stench of the orcs.

General Kynn made no hesitation... They had what we wanted... and we had what they craved. Crazed, lusting eyes peered out from sunken sockets at the feast we had brought to them, twisted tongues flicking out to lick misshapen lips. Sheridan swore he could hear stomachs grumbling in anticipation.

The orcs nodded to one another and the one called Varug produced from its backpack a dirty sack in which bones could be heard rattling around. "Heer wulvsie. dems da bonz." The orc reluctantly handed over the sack and Jennae immediately opened it. The smell permeated the air instantly... ages old funk and decay wafted over her shoulder and Sheridan nearly gagged.

Unsatisfied, the General shook her head. "We were told specifically that there'd be flesh left to identify it..."

"wut? dem bonz am uld. derz no muur flesh sens we got um."

Puzzled and untrusting, General Kynn turned to Sheridan and whispered. "What do you think?"

"I think that orcs aren't exactly the best at preservation techniques." Sheridan smirked. "Whatever flesh that was still with the remains when they found it likely decayed immediately after being exhumed. I don't think they're smart enough to make something like this up..."

Jennae turned back to the orcs asking them for their solemn word.

"Wut wuud Varug want wit sum hummie body?" The orcs chuckled at this. "if Varug want hummie bonz, Varug gu und clomp sum hummies, eet em, den git der bonz! Har har!"

Finally satisfied with the contents of the sack, she tucked it safely into her backpack.

"Guda... ju guyz halp tayk da hursies tu da fort den. gu in da muungayt..."

A light flashed and a portal opened behind the orcs. Sheridan nudged his steed forward, leading the assembled feast to their deaths. As the wolves emerged on the other side of the portal, the orc fort loomed menacingly in front of them, reeking to high Hythloth of fermenting garbage and putrid who knows what else. Sheridan flinched and restrained himself from putting his gauntleted hand to his nose. Nearby orcs watched wide eyed and drooling as horse after horse poured forth from the gate. Immediately, the orcs set upon the unsuspecting animals and a feeding frenzy ensued.

The General and her wolves watched on in amazement as blood stained the ground red and the gurgling horses twitched on the ground. Gobs of quivering flesh and innards flew about haphazardly as the orcs feated on the wolves' gifts.

A particularly hungry looking orc glared at the wolves, drooling unabashedly. "Meting wulvsies wuud be guda tuu!"

Jennae merely chuckled.

"Our work here is done. We've got what we came for and they certainly got what they wanted... Let us return home. We have been triumphant this day." And with that, she patted her backpack and gave a wolfish grin.

Written by: Sheridan of OTW